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    Courier Service Provider Expects Regulated Agent Costs to be Evaluated

    JAKARTA – The Association of Express Delivery Companies, Post and Logistics Indonesia, Asperindo, expect the cost of inspection agency or Regulated Agent to be evaluated. The expectation was conveyed because business actors are charged more after the cost of shipping.

    DPP Chairman Asperindo Mohamad Feriadi said all costs incurred for delivery of goods will have an impact on rising selling prices. “Who will bear the customer,” he told Bisnis on Wednesday (14/2/2018).

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    Regulated Agent – Improve Shipping Security

    The vast majority of people may still not be aware of Ragulated Agent at Soekarno-Hatta Airport or at other International airports, especially in cargo companies. Even probably still many who do not know the definition of the Regulated Agent itself.

    Regulated Agent is an Indonesian legal entity conducting business with an air transport business entity for security inspection of cargo and postal items obtained from the Directorate General of Air Aviation.

    The meaning is the existence of agents other than Angkasa Pura who conduct security checks on cargo of goods and letters that enter into the plane and get operational legality by the Ministry of Transportation. In this case especially for Flight Safety (KESPEN) in order not to carry goods or cargo that could endanger the safety of flight.

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    Regulated Agent Requested to Strengthen Air Cargo Security, Here’s how

    Regulated agent is given full task. – Bisnis.com

    JAKARTA – Along with the increase of air freight, the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Marine Affairs has requested regulated agents to strengthen the security and comfort of air cargo.

    Regulated Agent is an Indonesian legal entity conducting business activities with an air transport business entity granted permission from Dirjen Hubud to carry out security checks on cargo and mail.

    Deputy of Coordinating Natural Resources and Ministry of Marine Affairs Coordinator Agung Kuswandono said the role of regulated agent is important in maintaining airport security and content in it.

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