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    Manifest Generation III, Customs Accelerates the Flow of Goods

    Press conference regarding the implementation of the Manifest Generation III system by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in Jakarta, Monday (1/7/2019). Photo / Rina Anggraeni

    JAKARTA – Entering 2019 Customs continues to create various innovations and strategies in order to respond to the rapid development of industry that has entered the industrial stage 4.0. Strategic steps are taken by perfecting business processes in all lines and innovation and modernization following the development of the global economy in the digital era.

    Related to that, the Directorate General of Customs (DJBC) implements the third generation manifest to facilitate service users while reducing logistics costs. This is one of the Customs steps to be able to increase the ease of business in Indonesia and the smooth flow of goods.

    “The third generation Manifest is the latest version that prioritizes the principles of automation and simplification in line with the Customs and Excise Reform program agenda in order to build smart customs and excise systems to create business processes that are easy, inexpensive, fast, transparent, effective and efficient,” said the Director General of Customs and Excise Heru Pambudi in Jakarta, Monday (1/7/2019).
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    ALFI Urges Progressive Package Fee Exemption in Priok During Lebaran Holiday

    Container loading and unloading atmosphere at Container Terminal (TPKS), Tanjung Emas harbor, Semarang, Central Java, Friday (16/1/2015). – Bisnis.com / July Nugroho

    JAKARTA – Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association urged the exemption of the imposition of the progressive cost of the accumulation of imported containers at Tanjung Priok Port during the Idul Fitri holiday period this year.

    Chairman of Jakarta ALFI DPW Widijanto said that due to Idul Fitri holiday and the absence of trucking serving importing export during the Lebaran holiday restriction period, contained imported containers accumulate an average of more than 7 to 10 days in the port of Priok.

    “This condition is due to inability to deliver because many of the holiday manufacturers and trucking fleets are not operating. It is conditional that we urge the accumulation of containers during Idul Fitri period in Priok is not burdened with progressive tariffs of 300% to 900%.” ​​ALFI asks to be freed from progressive storage at the container terminal, “he told Bisnis on Sunday (6/24/2018).
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    ALFI: We are Ready to Be Active in One Belt One Road Initiative

    JAKARTA – Secretary General of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Akbar Djohan said that ALFI is ready to take an active role in international logistics to welcome the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.

    It was submitted when signing a memorandum of understanding between the ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations (AFFA) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) under the authority of GuangXi Provincial Government of China on April 27, 2018.

    He said the memorandum of understanding is an effort to realize Asean and Asia-Europe connectivity within the framework of OBOR.

    OBOR is China’s major project to connect the land-based logistics and trade routes from China to Europe and Asia including Asean. On the occasion of the signing, ALFI is an Asean representative (AFFA).
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    Cargo Domestic Wriggling While International Cargo Sluggish

    JAKARTA – The domestic air cargo business this year will grow rapidly compared to the international.

    Chairman of the Soekarno Hatta Trade Facilitation Committee Ibrahim Sahib said one factor that causes rapid growth is the number of airports built.

    “So there will be a lot of supply and demand, which does not exist, so the time is very exciting,” he told Bisnis in Jakarta on Monday (04/23/2018).

    Ibrahim exemplifies Kertajati Airport, Majalengka, West Java, which will be inaugurated in May will increase the growth of air cargo.

    In contrast, international cargo has not shown a positive trend due to the world economic and political factors that are not good.
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    Forwarder Is Recognized As Contractual Carrier, ALFI Relief

    JAKARTA – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) has responded positively to the ease of logistics business processes in relation to the recognition of forwarder companies as contractual or non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) carriers.

    With this recognition, the forwarder company can directly deliver the manifest or submit the import-export document as a contractual carrier to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.

    Chairman of Jakarta Special Capital Region (DPF) ALFI, Widijanto said the ease of forwarder business process in connection with the enactment of Regulation of the Minister of Finance No: 158 / PMK.04 / 2017 and Regulation of the Director General of Customs and Excise No. PER-38 / BC / 2017 at Tanjung Priok Port at 23 May 2018 and at Soekarno Hatta Airport on July 25, 2018.
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    ALFI Urged Government Revise Rules Logistics Inhibitors

    The container transporter (Reach Stacker) is operated to move the container onto the truck, at the Port of Makassar Branch managed by Pelindo IV, Tuesday (20/2/2018). – JIBI / Paul Tandi Bone

    JAKARTA – Logistics business actors urged the revision of a number of government regulations that are considered to inhibit the growth and development of national logistics business amid the tight competition of global and digital-based services today.

    Chairman of DPW Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) of DKI Jakarta, Widijanto said there are at least five government policies that are considered to inhibit the national logistics business continuity.

    The five regulations are Permenkeu No: 141 / PMK.03 / 2015 on Taxes related to Transportation Management Services (JPT), Permenhub No: 49/2017 on the Implementation and Management of Transportation Services, and Permenkeu No: 229 / PMK.04 / 2017 on Procedure for Imposition of Import Duty Tariff on Imported Goods Based on Agreement or International Agreement.
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    ALFI Collect Forwaders Discuss Obstacles 5 This Regulation

    The atmosphere of the Jakarta ALFI meeting discussed the government regulations related to the logistics business to the member companies of the association, in Jakarta, Wednesday (18/4 – 2018)

    Jakarta – The Jakarta logistics and forwarder association (ALFI) collects all forwarder companies in DKI Jakarta to discuss five government regulations and policies related to national logistics activities.

    Chairman of DPW ALFI DKI Jakarta, Widijanto said that currently some policies are still difficult to implement because it has not been siding with the national logistics business continuity.

    “As a result, in the baseball field is running maximally, even many forwarder and logistics companies are harmed by some of the regulations, so the regulations that hinder the continuity of national business should be evaluated only,” Widijanto said when speaking at the Government Regulation Socialization event which was attended by around 700 companies member of ALFI DKI Jakarta, Wednesday (18/4/2018).
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    Forwarder Service is Falling, ALFI Urges Sri Mulyani Revise Rules

    JAKARTA – Indonesian logistics and forwarder association (ALFI) urged Finance Minister Sri Mulyani to revise the Minister of Finance No.229 / PMK.04 / 2017 because the beleid is considered to kill forwarding, transportation and customs clearance (PPJK) and medium or SMEs.

    Permenkeu 229/2017 regulates the procedures for imposition of import duty on imported goods based on international agreements or agreements.

    Chairman of the DPW ALFI DKI Jakarta, Widijanto said due to the enactment of Permenkeu 229/2017 that many PPJK members of ALFI DKI Jakarta which became an extension of importers at the port of Tanjung Priok must bear the duty of goods. Whereas according to the rules are not subject to import duty as the Asean free trade agreement.

    “Over the past week alone, nearly 100 of our member companies are reporting to Jakarta’s ALFI regarding the issue,” he told Bisnis.com, Tuesday (20/3/2018).
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    Air Cargo Business Predicted Up by 2018

    The domestic air cargo business prospect in 2018 is predicted to rise 8-10% from the previous year. Perpetrators of courier services that began to reach the remote areas to support.

    Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders (ALFI) Soekarno-Hatta Arman Yahya said the rampant online shopping by consumers outside of Java to make the delivery of goods via air increases. “The increase in e-commerce stage has reached all corners,” he said today, Sunday (4/2/2018).

    In addition, airlines that increase the number of flights make the cost of delivery kites become cheaper.

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    ALFI Appreciation of Integrated Supervision of Service System at Port

    Customs officers perform their duties at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. – Special

    JAKARTA – The Directorate General of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance conducts integrated monitoring to ensure there is no disruption to online-based system of customs-excise information system and automation (CEISA) services connected to INSW.

    Director of Customs Technical Affairs of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise Ministry of Finance, Fadjar Donny said his office invites all parties to supervise if there is information on field constraints on licensing, especially for export and permit surveyor report (LS) to be immediately informed.

    He added that to facilitate and accelerate coordination as early as possible in following up in case of interference / obstacle of the online system through coordination with Indonesian National Single Window (INSW) portal manager and also with Inatrade Ministry of Trade portal manager.
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