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    Japan The Biggest Absorbent Export of Bali Fish and Shrimp


    By IK Sutika

    The Japanese market absorbed the most fish and shrimp commodities from Bali, reaching 21.35 percent of the total shipments of 14.46 million US dollars during November 2017.

    “The catch of fishermen and companies that operate large vessels in the port of Benoa, its production penetrate various countries in the world, after Japan following the United States that accommodate 18.91 percent,” said the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Bali Province , Adi Nugroho in Denpasar, Saturday (13/1/2018).

    He said the fish and shrimp from Bali are also in demand from the Australian market that holds 8.41 percent, Singapore 5.65 percent, Thailand 3.25 percent, China 1.81 percent, Taiwan 1.24 percent, Hong Kong 2.35 percent , Vietnam 6.87 percent, and Germany 2.54 percent.

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    Compared October, Export Bali In Natural November Decline

    Loading loading and unloading in the harbor. In November 2017, Bali exports compared to the previous month decreased. (BP / doc)

    The export value of Bali in November 2017 reached 45.9 million US dollars. This value is down 3.76 percent compared to October 2017.

    In October, Bali’s exports reached 47.6 million US dollars. However, compared to November 2016, Bali’s exports rose 3.84 percent. Since last November Bali exports worth 44.2 million US dollars.

    According to the Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Bali Province, Adi Nugroho seen from the development of cumulative export value from January to November 2017, the transaction increased 5.54 percent. That is from 463.65 million US dollars in January-November 2016 to 489.34 million US dollars in January-November 2017.

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    Bali Shoots Middle East Market

    Product Spa Bali

    DENPASAR – Head of Bali Industry and Trade Agency Ni Wayan Kusumawathi will optimize the export of spa products to the Middle East this year.

    He admitted since last year, Bali has tried to enter the Middle East market, it’s just not done optimally.

    Now, to realize the dream, it is encouraging the spa product manufacturer in Bali to export its goods to the Middle East.

    In addition he will also intensify cooperation with Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC).

    “There is a good demand for products that spa products and betel oil,” he said on Monday (8/1/2018).

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    Strategic Steps of the Ministry of Industry to Lower Import Duties on Indonesian Products

    Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto

    Jakarta – Although the national logistics system (sislognas) has been implemented in Indonesia, the high tariffs on import duties and tariffs are still an obstacle for many local industrial products to compete in the export market with other emerging products.

    Thus expressed by Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (03/01/2018).

    “The condition is caused by a number of economic cooperation agreements between Indonesia and Europe, the United States and Australia has not been agreed upon. If not immediately resolved, then the domestic industry will remain behind, “said Airlangga.

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    Final Note of 2017 Competitive Exports, Quality of Human Resources from Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) increasingly Vital

    A qualified MSME human resources determine the competitiveness of tailored products produced.

    Various handicraft products namely accessories, knitted fabrics, and others produced small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Bali has been quite reliable in the export competition. However, in line with the dynamics of the rapidly growing export market competition, especially in 2017, MSMEs are increasingly demanded their readiness in various ways. What are they? Continue reading

    Bali Household Products Interested by US and Australian Consumers

    Bali’s Home Accessories & Furniture

    DENPASAR, – Home appliance products made by Balinese craftsmen are able to penetrate foreign markets, especially United States (US) and Australia.

    Based on data from Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the export of household appliances from Bali to Australia in October 2017 reached 600 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 16.48 percent of total exports of 3.64 million US dollars.

    “After Australia overtook the United States to absorb 11.51 percent,” said Head of Statistics BPS Bali I Gede Nyoman Subadri in Denpasar, Tuesday (26/12/2017).

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    Exports Up To 5.62 Percent, Bali Knitted Products Sell Well In The World Market

    Tas rajut tutup khas Bali

    Denpasar – Throughout October 2017, foreign exchange from Bali provincial knit goods exports reached US $ 1.34 million. Up 5.62% compared to September 2017 worth US $ 1.27 million.

    “However, compared to the same month in the previous year, foreign exchange earnings increased by 188,660 US dollars or 16.35 percent, because October 2016 the delivery of knit goods only produced 1.15 million US dollars,” said Head of Distribution Statistics of Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) ) Bali Province, I Gede Nyoman Subadri in Denpasar, Monday (25/12/2017).

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    Bali’s best-selling Balinese souvenirs are absorbed by the US

    DENPASAR. Sculpture and various types of souvenirs made from raw wooden creativity of Balinese artists most widely absorbed the United States market. Sales to Uncle Sam’s country accounted for 24.02% of Bali’s total export value of US $ 4.41 million during October 2017.

    “After the US, following the Australian market that holds 7.41% and Japan 2.85%,” said Head of Distribution Statistics BPS Bali I Gede Nyoman Subadri, in Denpasar, Tuesday (19/12).

    He said the artwork hand-made by Balinese artisans and craftsmen is also absorbed by the Singapore market 2.83%, China 0.60%, Hong Kong 0.62%, Thailand 1.14%, Germany 3.56%, and Netherlands 4.16%.

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    Bali Export Value Increased 5.72%

    Bali earned foreign exchange amounting to USD443.44 million from shipments of various types of trade to foreign markets during the ten months of January-October 2017. The number increased USD23, 99 million or 5.72 percent compared with the same period the previous year recorded USD419, 44 million.

    “Especially in October 2017 the value of exports reached USD47, 69 million increased USD2, 72 million or 6.05 percent over the previous month (September 2017) recorded USD44, 97 million,” said Head of Distribution Statistics Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) I Gede Nyoman Subadri, in Denpasar, as quoted from Antara, Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

    He said the foreign exchange was 77 percent derived from shipment of small industry and household handicraft products that became the backbone of non-oil and gas exports. Five major commodities that penetrate the overseas market include fish and shrimp 27.50 percent, and apparel products are not knitted 12.99 percent.

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    US Most Absorbable Garment Exports From Bali

    The United States market absorbed the most exports of non-knitted garments from Bali to 25.72 percent of the total merchandise shipments of 6.19 million US dollars during October 2017.

    Clothes of various types of designs (design) the touch of the hands of skilled Balinese women, followed by the Australian market absorbed 20.92 percent and Singapore 10.85 percent, said Head of Distribution Statistics Bali Central Bureau of Statistics I Gede Nyoman Subadri , in Denpasar, on Saturday.

    He said the garments produced manually instead of the factory’s production combined with beads also penetrated Hong Kong’s 4.66 percent market, Thailand 2.06 percent, China 0.28 percent, Japan 1.18 percent, Germany 1.05 percent, and the Netherlands 0.42 percent.

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