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    ALFI: Smart Port System Connectivity Make Easy Logistics Activities

    Illustration – loading and unloading activities at Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang, Central Java. – Between / Aditya Pradana Putra

    JAKARTA – In order to increase the LPI (Logistics Perfomance Index) and EoDB (Ease of Doing Business), the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) expects Smart Port or Smart Ports system to be sharpened.

    In addition, the system is expected to be used by its members to bring ease to the era of digitalization.

    “The development of the Smart Port system connectivity will provide access to more than 53 ocean ocean routes with an unlimited ship arrival date and unlimited vessel of 130 countries linked to Japan, US, Canada track and trace container manifest,” said DPP ALFI Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi quoted on Tuesday (6/3/2018).

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    Certification of Export Inventory Gross Weights, JICT Cooperates with BKI

    Jakarta International Container Terminal at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. – Reuters / Darren Whiteside

    JAKARTA – The export / verified gross mass (VGM) container weeding activity at the Port of Tanjung Priok will involve PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) as the issuer of VGM certification documents.

    Vice President Director of PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) Riza Erivan said the involvement of ICC in the export container VGM certification process is expected to begin in the near future or at the latest by March 2018.

    “Now depends on the readiness of BKI. From our side as container terminal manager is ready because VGM has been implemented since 2 years ago in container terminal of Priok port import export, “he told Bisnis on Tuesday (27/2/2018).

    He said the container terminal operators in Priok have established communication and coordinated with related business actors related to the involvement of BKI in the export container VGM certification.
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    INSA Asks the Government to Maximize the Portfolio Seaport

    Container loading and unloading activity at PT Terminal Petikemas International Dock Surabaya, East Java. – Antara / Didik Suhartono

    SURABAYA – Members of the Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA) shipbuilding vessel asked the government to maximize container yard capacity (CY) or cultivation field at Tanjung Perak Port especially in import export container services.

    INSA Surabaya Chairman Stenvens H. Lesawengan said that it is necessary to remember that the yard occupancy ratio (YOR) at the Port of Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) is still around 50%, so there is still room for imported or exported goods owners to fill it.

    “It should be 70% YOR after the government issued rules.” The goods in containers can be removed from CY when the capacity of the cultivation field is full or reach 70%, “he explained to Bisnis on Monday (19/2/2018).

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    Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) Open 24 Hours Service

    JAKARTA – PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS), a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero), began to implement 24 hours a day guidance service in February 2018.

    TPS Technical Director Kartiko Adi said the improvement of guiding services will accelerate the movement of ship arrival and departure. Thus, the time it takes the ship to wait for the scout and wait for the dock can be trimmed.

    “In addition, the utilization of the dock is also more optimal.We expect TPS to contribute more to the cost efficiency of logistics in Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya,” he said in a press release on Wednesday (14/2/2018).

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    ALFI Highlight Service Efficiency & Zero Accident at Container Terminal

    JAKARTA – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) highlighted the commitment of all container terminal operators in Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, on the efficiency of loading and unloading services as well as paying attention to safety factors to avoid work accidents.

    Chairman of ALFI DKI Jakarta Widijanto said the commitment of service efficiency in the port should not sacrifice the safety factor that affects the disruption of port service must be implemented in all terminal facilities.

    “All container terminal management should be in Priok doing this, and not just a slogan,” he told Bisnis on Thursday (8/2/2018).

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    Press Timeout Anchored Ship, Container Terminal Surabaya Done It

    In order to reduce the waiting time of the vessel leaning in the port, PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) alerted the service of the ship assistant for 24 hours. Starting from February 1, 2018.

    President Director of PT TPS, Joko Noerhudha said, so far his side can not do much. Especially on the matter of waiting time at the dock of a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III. Where is located at the Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya.

    He explained that the Tanjung Perak Surabaya area is mandatory waters. This means that every ship that will enter or leave the Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya must get guidance service.

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    Tariff of Leased Services Will be Trimmed Up to 40%

    JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation plans to cut the service fee by 40%. This tariff cut is part of efforts to reduce logistics costs.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that besides tariff of services labuh, some types of tariffs that become components of non-tax state revenue (PNBP) will also be cut. “Range of decline is quite a lot, maybe 40%,” said Budi Karya to Bisnis.com in Jakarta, Thursday (18/1/2018).

    Budi Karya acknowledged that tariff cuts would reduce PNBP revenue in the ministries he leads. Therefore, Kemenhub will immediately consult with the Ministry of Finance related to the impact of the tariff reduction policy. He estimates, in the short term, the acceptance of PNBP levies will have a significant impact if tariffs are cut.

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    Port Service Shattered, Entrepreneurs Demand Law Losses

    JAKARTA-Users of seaport services in Indonesia are demanding legal umbrella to avoid bigger losses due to poor port service.

    Chairman of Indonesia Maritime, Logistic and Transportation Watch (IMLOW), Roelly Panggabean also lamented the uncertainty of the smooth service in the port that adversely affect the service user causing the emergence of additional costs that had never been calculated in the logistics business count.

    “Container terminal managers should be able to provide guarantee and commitment to all service activities in the terminal,” he said today, Tuesday (9/1/2017).

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    Indonesian National Shipping (Pelni) Release Cargo Reservation Application

    JAKARTA – PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or Pelni through its subsidiary PT Sarana Bandar Nasional released a cargo ordering application to facilitate service users. For the initial phase, Pelni will serve 12 destination cities and deploy three fleets of vessels.

    Pelni Transport and Logistics Director Harry Boediarto said the transportation and logistics sector is now entering an era of massive use of digital technology. In some modes of transport, technology has created a distributional effect on conventional business models.

    “Now the digital era, we have to go there,” he said when soft launching Pelni Logistic application in Jakarta, Thursday (4/1/2018).

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    The Problems Faced by The Shipping Companies.

    Sea freight companies offer services such as the transport of expensive goods and cargo from one place to the other on water. These companies are majorly involved in the transport of bulky goods and products as well as raw materials that could be seen heavier to be borne by other means such as air, roads and rail. There is however risks that threaten the closure of some companies due to losses incurred in the process of delivering the goods.

    In most parts of the world, sea freight companies suffer huge loses die to the attacks that they get from pirates who destroy goods that were supposed to be delivered or even steal them. In some cases pirates hijack cargo ships and demand huge sums of money as ransom which threaten the collapse of such companies that become victims of this. As a result of the threat posed by the emergence of pirate gangs, insurance firms that offer insurance cover to goods being shipped across troubled waters and the ships have sky rocketed there premiums. This makes sea freight one of the most expensive and insecure means of transporting goods and manufactured products as well as raw materials.

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