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    Garuda Indonesia Add Two Outlet Service Delivery Of Goods In Bali

    VP cargo commercial, Rene Van Joost (two left) when inaugurated CSC Citraland on Thursday (7/12). (BP / edi)

    DENPASAR, BALIPOST.com – To provide easy access to package delivery for service users, as well as to support the rapid growth of retail and e-commerce industry in Bali, Garuda Indonesia opened two Cargo Service Centers in Bali, CSC CitraLand and CSC RA Benoa, Thursday (7/12). Both CSCs are not fully managed by Garuda Indonesia Cargo, but through Joint Operations (KSO) with third parties.

    CSC CitraLand located at Jalan Mahendrata Utara, Ruko Waterpark Square, CitraLand, is managed by PT Berkat Subuh Transpor, while CSC RA Benoa is newly opened at Jalan Ikan Tuna III no. 1, managed by PT Dwi Upaya Sukses.

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    Logistics Transportation Services Business is Very Promising

    JAKARTA – Logistics and transportation sector is a special concern Imani Prima because with a large population make this sector an attractive market as well as a big challenge on a national scale. So that successful implementation of IoT technology in this field will contribute directly to national logistics efficiency.

    “In addition we will concentrate on entering mass production of hardware in the form of subscriber device. Our experience for the last 10 years in the IoT business will be focused on a single focus, the strengthening of the IoT ecosystem, with four major links, “said PT Imani Prima Yuli Cahyono COO at the Asia IoT Business Platform 2017 conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (8/8 / 2017).

    He explained, the four major links are: first, the sensor and data acquisition monitoring as the spearhead. Second, telecommunications as the backbone of transport data. Third, middleware, and fourth, cognitive analitycs to increase values ​​to clients and partners.

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    Can Forwarders Survive an App Attack?

    With rumors that Uber and Amazon may be about to launch their own global freight brokerage businesses, traditional forwarders and brokers are understandably nervous. But the British International Freight Association (BIFA) reacts to current speculation by underlining “the vastly challenging and circuitous landscape” that forwarders and brokers operate in daily.

    Uber has already soft-launched Uber Freight, notes the trade association for UK freight forwarders. And, the company has ambitions to cut out freight intermediaries by introducing load-matching apps that would provide real-time pricing, according to Business Insider UK. Smaller start-ups such as Cargomatic, Convoy, and CargoX share the same idea.

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    IATA Survey Of Airline and Cargo Bosses Saw Q2 Profits Rise

    An IATA survey found that more than three-quarters of airline chief financial officers and heads of cargo indicated that profitability increased in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016.

    However, IATA added that the first quarter may have marked the bottom of the industry profitability cycle.

    The airline and cargo executives were surveyed in early-July for IATA’s quarterly business confidence index.

    Said IATA: “Industry heads were markedly more confident about the outlook for profitability over the year ahead than they have been in recent surveys, mainly reflecting expectations that the demand backdrop will remain robust.

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    ALFI Chairman: The Strikes of Port Workers Can Interfere Investment in Indonesia

    By suaracargo – Jul 27, 2017

    Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said that the plan to strike Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) employees of Tanjung Priok will actually harm workers and JICT itself. Moreover, he said, the plan strikes the JICT States will take place a week from August 3 to 10, 2017.

    “JICT is just one of the gates of Indonesia, addressing (strike plan) that we have coordinated with shippingline (shipping or loading / unloading services) to move to another port. Indeed there will be buildup but no problem because there is no other choice, “Yukki said as written on Thursday (07/27/2017).

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    IATA and Airlines for America Launch Baggage Tracking Campaign

    Date: 20 July 2017 Geneva

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airlines for America (A4A), have launched a year-long global campaign related to baggage tracking with the goal of reducing mishandled bags in addition to increasing efficiency in baggage operations.

    Annually, more than 4 billion bags are carried by airlines globally. Less than 0.43 percent do not arrive with their owners. The industry is determined to do even better and has agreed to Resolution 753 (R753). By June 2018, airlines have committed to being able to track a bag when it is accepted at the airport, loaded onto the aircraft, transferred to the arrival system or put into the transfer system for carriage by another airline. Airlines should also be able to share this tracking information with interline carriers as needed.

    “Arriving without a bag is a very frustrating experience for our customers. Over the last decade we have reduced mishandled baggage by 54% with improved processes. The next step is to realize the full benefits of baggage tracking to further improve performance. In the rare cases when a bag does not arrive with the passenger there will be much more information available to facilitate a quicker reunion. And the benefits don’t stop there. Tracking bags will, enable proactive reporting, speed up aircraft readiness for departure, facilitate the automation of baggage processes and also reduce fraud,” said Andrew Price, IATA’s Global Head of Baggage.

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    The ‘Hive’ Platform Encourages the Acceleration of ASEAN-wide Logistics Trade

    Chairman of the Asean Federation of Forwarders Association (AFFA), Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said the Association and logistics entrepreneurs in ASEAN need a platform to accelerate the movement of logistics goods movements across the country. Based on the idea, it emerged “Hive”, a platform that will support the progress of the logistics industry in ASEAN.

    “Hive makes members of logistic associations in ASEAN increasingly harmonious. With this “associate-centric” platform-based technology, this platform enables easy and integrated delivery of ASEAN in order to build closer and more flexible business partnerships, “said Yukki, who is also Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Logistics and Forwarders (ALFI), in Jakarta.
    Continue Yukki, “Hive” which is a website platform has a logistics service provider data is displayed in full.

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    3 Reasons the Best Freight Companies Use a Freight Exchange

    The most successful freight transport companies almost always share one common denominator—they not only are involved in an online freight exchange, but they are also able to harness every bit of opportunity and advantage such an exchange offers them. If you’re thinking about joining one, here are three important things you should know about such exchanges in order for you to take full advantage of your membership.

    Unparalleled Convenience

    In this day and age, no business organisation can thrive as a lone wolf—everyone needs partnerships and alliances and, sometimes, the best partnerships are those made with your own competitors. When you join a freight exchange in any capacity, you will immediately realise why so many companies consider it as a crucial part of their business. The convenience of finding potential customers and clients without having to go door to door or posting an expensive advertisement has almost unlimited advantages. You should consider such an exchange as an active, dynamic microcosm, where every player is looking to forge a deal. This means wasted effort and time are, understandably, greatly reduced. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to get more business out of the exchange than by engaging in traditional marketing.

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    Benefits of Using Freight Forwarding Agents

    Armada transportationsThe freight industry has got different players who ensure that the business is in control and both the consignees and the freight company derive as much satisfaction as can be attained. Any individual who is new to the transport sector will have difficulties in mastering the whole process and requirements before a shipment can be deemed to be successful. This can be a daunting task to many who may opt to contract services of other people to do it on their behalf. This is where they freight forwarding agents come in handy. Freight forwarding agents are individuals or even to a much large extent companies who organize shipments for fellow companies or individuals. They don’t have to be carriers of the goods but they will organize for the goods to reach the final destination. They may not be engaged in the handling of the goods but will play an influential role in ensuring that the goods are delivered in a sound state.
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    Cargo Shipment in Detail

    Customs authorities regulate the customs spaces at global sea ports and air shipment airports. Those customs areas are fenced for security. Cargo Shipments are checked for local legislation compliance and are stored within the customs area. Occasionally these areas are massive, overlaying all the airport or harbor and protecting several warehouses in a position to storing and coping with monumental quantities of ocean cargo and air freight. The area is punctiliously controlled to ensure that import/export rules are followed, taxes don’t seem to be having shed away from, and fraudulent customs declarations aren’t made.
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