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    Your Guideline For Opting For the Type of Air Freight Services You Need

    One’s selection of air freight must be dictated by their immediate and long time needs which maximize the services provided by air freight firms. Obviously, one only has to avail of certain services that he truly needs.

    There are various types of air freight services specially designed for particular purposes. While a good many may perform multiple objectives, it is still best not to tax yourself with money and time just by choosing the service that you don’t actually require.

    Since not all packages have identical size, weight, type of shipping and duration of shipping, air freight industry has created various methods and categories wherein customers may opt for their required type of service. In this document we would try to discuss in brief the various air freight services that you could decide from. Please continue reading.
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    Increased, Bali Exports to UAE

    Loading loading and unloading in the harbor. Exports to the UAE experienced a very significant jump in January 2018. (BP / doc)

    DENPASAR – Bali’s exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) surged significantly in January 2018. The increase was 4,033 percent compared to December 2017.

    Even compared to January 2017, Bali exports in January 2018 also rose by 3,794 percent. Head of Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Adi Nugroho said, exports to UAE in January 2017 only USD 97.331 and in December 2017 USD 91.702. However, in January 2018, Bali’s exports to UAE rose significantly to USD 3,790,614.

    This export figure placed UAE in the fourth position of Bali’s largest export destination country with 7.12 percent share. While the highest export destination country still to the United States with 25.82 percent share.
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    IMF-WB 2018: A Week Before and After Meetings, Ngurah Rai Airport is Estimated Solid

    DENPASAR – Readiness Ngurah Rai Airport Bali became one of the keys to the successful implementation of the annual meeting of IMF-World Bank 2018.

    Related to the great celebration, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati admitted that he will soon meet with Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to discuss the increase of flight volume of Ngurah Rai Airport.

    The time of flights that are likely to be solid is a week before or after the title of IMF-WB 2018.

    He predicts, most of the IMF-WB 2018 delegation will arrive a week earlier to enjoy Bali.
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    IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018: Airports Around Bali So Location of Small and Commercial Parking Plane

    DENPASAR – The existing airport in the vicinity of Bali will be utilized to be the location of small and commercial aircraft parking during IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018.

    General Manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Yanus Suprayogi said some of the eastern airports are under the management of Angkasa Pura I. Only Banyuwangi Airport managed by Angkasa Pura II.

    As for some airports that will be utilized for small plane parking are:

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    IMF-WB 2018, Small Aircraft Not Landed at Ngurah Rai Airport

    Source pic: airmagz.com

    DENPASAR – Small planes flying to Bali at the IMF-WB event in October 2018 will probably not be allowed to land at Ngurah Rai Airport.

    Bali Transportation Agency chief I Gusti Ngurah Sudarsana said the landing of small planes is likely to be diverted to the nearest airport in Banyuwangi, Lombok, and Surabaya.

    Meanwhile, Ngurah Rai Airport is prioritized for private and commercial aircraft landing that will carry the delegation. In addition it will still receive a large-sized commercial aircraft or wide body.

    He said, this option is issued if the number of aircraft that want to Bali exceed the capacity of Ngurah Rai Airport. This aims to make the flight run smoothly and passenger safety remains a priority.

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    Gianyar export market to America, Germany and China

    Produk craft in Gianyar, Bali (Photo Antara Bali via Adi Blue / 2018)

    The export markets of Gianyar, Bali in 2016 and 2017 are the United States, followed by Germany and China which have not experienced a shift in the past two years.

    While the fourth and fifth positions are shifting where in 2016 Australia and Sweden are shifted in 2017 by the UK and South Africa, Gianyar Regency Industry and Trade Agency I Wayan Suamba said on Monday.

    He said exports from Gianyar regency to America in 2017 reached 4.67 million dollars down compared to 2016 of 4.8 million US dollars, followed by Germany in 2017 of 2.41 million dollars. There is an increase compared to the year 2016 of 2.1 million US dollars.

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    Garuda Indonesia Adds Flights to Perth

    JAKARTA – Garuda Indonesia will increase the frequency of flights from Jakarta to Perth, Australia, to five times per week starting May 4, 2018.

    Director of Garuda Indonesia Cargo Sigit Muhartono, who also oversees the development of Garuda Indonesia international route, said the increase in flight frequency as a form of support for the improvement of Indonesia’s tourism industry.

    Thus, Australian tourists from Perth are getting easier to fly to Jakarta and then to other parts of Indonesia through the certainty of seat availability.

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    Choosing Between Air Shipping and Ocean Shipping

    With the many factors involved, shipping packages internationally can seem a little complicated for some senders.

    Aspiring online sellers planning to accommodate buyers from different countries will need to understand how the process works. Additionally, those who often need to send packages to loved ones located abroad should take the time to check out available options, too.

    There are numerous shipping companies that offer their services to interested clients. As for the type of transport used in the actual shipping, the choices can be reduced to two namely ocean freight and air freight.

    What are the differences between these two alternatives? Which one is a better pick for you? This article aims to provide some basic information for those who want to make the best decision.

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    Bali Jewelry Exports Up 20 Percent

    Celuk Sukawati Village. guideinbali.com

    Jakarta – Bali exported a variety of jewelry products to the hands of skilled craftsmen generally from Celuk Village, Gianyar regency, for US $ 7.31 million during November 2017 or up US $ 1.26 million (20.98 percent) compared to the previous month ( US $ 6.04 million).

    “The foreign exchange earnings compared to the same month in the previous year also increased by US $ 360,293 or 5.18 percent, because November 2016 the delivery of various types of jewelry only generates US $ 6.95 million,” said Head of Bali Provincial Central Statistics Agency Nugroho, in Denpasar, Sunday, January 21, 2018.

    Adi said the shipment of various types of jewelry is able to contribute 15.94 percent of the value of Bali’s exports of US $ 45.90 million during November 2017 or slumped US $ 1.79 million (3.76 percent) compared to the previous month recorded US $ 47 , 69 million.

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    Risks and Liabilities of a Freight Forwarder

    Freight forwarders are an integral part of the supply chain and global maritime trade. Although they are involved in all modes of transport (sea, road, rail and air), in this article, I am concentrating on the seaborne trade which accounts for over 90% of the world’s trade..

    In the most succinct and layman’s terms, a Freight Forwarder is a multi-function agent/operator who undertakes to handle the movement of goods from point to point on behalf of the cargo owner.

    As per the WTO, global trade in 2015 was worth USD.16/- trillion.. Out of this global trade, UNCTAD estimates containerised shipments accounted for about 1687 million tonnes (2015 estimate) carried in 177.6 million containers (2015 estimate), covering 998 billion ton miles (2016 estimate).. Staggering isn’t it..??

    While you take a moment to digest these numbers, also consider that in the course of this global trade, cargo loss, cargo damage, cargo abandonment, fraud, etc does happen (more frequently than you may imagine)..

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