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    Types Of Air Freight Services

    Furniture removal is an essential service when moving to a new place that may require air freight transport. The services required to send certain goods via air transport has varying forms and types. The packages of air freight may also vary in size and in weight. Whatever type of cargo package or shipment needs you have, you will certainly find your most suitable type of air freight transport from among the many categories of services available in the industry.

    Household goods, home accessories and furniture removal fall under the most common category of air freight transport. This category is also the most uncomplicated of all. This is because majority of the items are not requiring special means of handling. The cargo are easily and quickly supervised and delivered as per option selected by the client.
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    Saab Runway Operating System at Juanda International Airport

    The Saab Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) is now operating at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. The placement of Saab A-SMGCS at Juanda International Airport as the third largest airport in Indonesia serves more than 19 million passengers per year.

    Saab A-SMGCS is a proven reliable and standards-based system that provides supervision of airport runways, taxiways, stand and on approach. A-SMGCS in Juanda includes surface multilateration systems, vehicle locators (VeeLo), fusion processing, security warnings and control work positions.

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    Air Cargo Business Predicted Up by 2018

    The domestic air cargo business prospect in 2018 is predicted to rise 8-10% from the previous year. Perpetrators of courier services that began to reach the remote areas to support.

    Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders (ALFI) Soekarno-Hatta Arman Yahya said the rampant online shopping by consumers outside of Java to make the delivery of goods via air increases. “The increase in e-commerce stage has reached all corners,” he said today, Sunday (4/2/2018).

    In addition, airlines that increase the number of flights make the cost of delivery kites become cheaper.

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    Polemic of North Bali Airport: This Reason North Bali Airport Has Not Been Amdal

    President Director of PT Bali International Airport (BIBU) Panji Sakti Made Mangku (left) talked with Chairman Iwan Erwanto on the sidelines of exposure of BIBU development plan, in Jakarta, Thursday (22/2/2018). – JIBI / Nurul Hidayat

    DENPASAR- PT Bali International Airport North Bumi Panji Sakti stated until now has not made an Amdal study related to the location of the airport. That is because it is not required in Permenhub No.20 / 2014 on Procedure of Determination of Airport Location.

    Potential investors who propose to build the airport on the sea in Kubutambahan, Buleleng regency is assessing the new AMDAL done if the block has been decided by the Ministry of Transportation.

    “Surely we are guided by PM No.20 / 2014 and all the requirements have been fully deposited,” said President Director of PT Bali Internasional International Airport (BIBU) Bumi Panji Sakti Made Mangku, Thursday (8/3/2018).

    He considered the Amdal requirements requested by the new ministry would be met if there were already established locations. That is because there are three location points submitted to Kemenhub by BIBU.
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    Polemic of North Bali Airport: North Bali Airport Needs to be Addressed at President’s Level

    President Director of PT Bali International Airport (BIBU) Panji Sakti Made Mangku (from left), Chairman Iwan Erwanto and Project Strategic Advisor Freddy Numberi gave an explanation on the exposure of BIBU development plan in Jakarta on Thursday (22/2/2018). – JIBI / Nurul Hidayat

    JAKARTA – Aviation observers assess the discussion of the construction project of North Bali International Airport should be completed through a limited meeting with the President.

    Arista Indonesia Aviation Center (AIAC) CEO Arista Atmadjati admitted that he did not expect the construction of one of the airports that became the government’s priority had not yet been implemented.

    “This can be discussed at a limited level of meetings at the Presidential Palace or the level of Coordinating Minister for Home Affairs,” Arista said, Thursday (8/3/2018).

    He added that coordination with a number of relevant ministries should be done so that development can be done.
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    Polemic North Bali Airport: Still Rearranged, North Bali Airport Can not Continue

    Based on a study from the World Bank and PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (SMI), the construction of the Airport (Airport) of North Bali can not be implemented.

    However, the government is recommended to utilize Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said, for the time being the construction of the airport of North Bali can not continue. Because, it is doing a study on this matter.

    “In general there is a study that we will do to the Bali Airport, about what is ideal,” said Budi at Jakarta International Container Terminal, Jakarta, Sunday (4/3/2018).
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    Polemic of North Bali Airport: Minister of Transportation and Coordinating Minister for the Economy Not Synergistic

    Member of Commission V of DPR RI Gerindra M faction Nizar Zahro asked the Ministry of Transport to review the existing strategic plan (renstra) related to the construction of North Bali Airport.

    North Bali Airport development plan, Nizar said, already stated in Bali Province Regional Regulation No. 16 of 2009, on the Spatial Plan of Bali Province 2009-2029.

    Then also listed in the Regional Regulation of Buleleng Regency No. 9 of 2013, on Buleleng Regional Spatial Plan of 2013-2033, which in both Perda is listed strategic plan of new airport development in Buleleng regency Bali.

    “If Kemenhub conveys the strategic policy should read the previous manuscript, so that people are not confused,” said Nizar through a written message on Tuesday (6/3/2018).

    He stated that in the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number: PM 69 of 2013 on the National Airport Order, the plan for the construction of the North Bali airport is already listed in it.
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    Inatrade System Chaos, Export Service Hampered

    JAKARTA – The system of export licensing services at the Ministry of Commerce based electronic through Inatrade portal has been disrupted since February 28, 2018.

    The existence of disruption of the Ministry of Trade’s Inatrade system resulted in the submission of export goods licenses (PEB) submitted by the exporting company and through its proxy in Tanjung Priok Port can not be served.

    “I have received the info that the interruption has occurred since February 28, 2018. Incidentally today we have the filing of the PEB document, but it was true and we experienced the online service of export permit for the restriction restriction [lartas] in Kemendag through Inatrade can not respond,” said A. Tjetjep Zahrudin, President Director of PT Tenders Marine Indonesia (TMI), one of the logistics and export management companies in the Port of Priok, on Tuesday (6/3/2018).
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    16 Investors Greet North Bali Airport Development

    Illustration concept

    PT Bandara Internasional Bali Utara or BIBU is still anxiously awaiting the permission of the proposed location four years ago to the Ministry of Transportation.

    President Director of PT BIBU I Made Mangku said President Jokowi is very enthusiastic about the plan to build an international airport in Buleleng.

    “The President has even issued a disposition to follow up the construction of the airport in north Bali,” he told reporters on Monday (26/2/2018).

    According to Mangku, despite the president’s disposition, until now there has been no follow-up from the ministry. He claimed to have repeatedly met with ministers, but until now there has been no clarity.
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    Learning About Air Cargo Carriers

    If you want to do business with air cargo companies, then it is necessary to be informed about the different types of air cargo carriers that they might be using. There are many things to learn about cargo planes; things such as, how much space each plane has, what kind of prices are charged when shipping using the planes, what kinds of planes they use, and many other things. With all the information available, it is good to know at least a little about cargo airlines and their operations.

    Air transport is essential to manage and control the flow of goods, energy, information, and other vital resources needed for commerce and other types of services. Without air cargo services, it would be impossible to do any kind of global trading, import/export processes, or repositioning of raw materials and products, unless using the services of ocean freight.

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