• This Plan Three Airports around West Java

    Master plan Kertajati Aerocity – Illustration / skycrapercity.com

    BANDUNG – President Joko Widodo revealed plans to build and develop three new airports in West Java.

    “In mid 2018, God willing, a new airport in Kertajati will be completed and we can use it,” said President Joko Widodo in Bandung, West Java, on Thursday.

    Kertajati Airport, according to Jokowi, is a very big airport, very useful to encourage the mobility of goods and people especially in West Java and we expect really can move the economy, “added the President.

    In addition to Kertajati Airport, as written Antara, the President also explained about the existing airport in Tasikmalaya but its users have not been maximized.

    “Then in Tasikmalaya, I went there too, the airport is very good but there is no plane coming? I asked why? Apparently the permit has not been there, it has been taken care of but not out yet I asked who has not issued from where? from the Air Force then I call right away and I ask not more than two weeks for the permit to come out, I ask for a maximum of two weeks to get out, and in the afternoon the permit has been issued but the period of such orders from the President? ” the President’s story was greeted with applause by about 800 AMS members.

    However, although the permit has been issued, the plane operating at Tasikmalaya airport is still minimal.

    “I do not want to get through 1 month the plane had to come and fly from Tasikmalaya.No month, my 2 days in Tasik, the next day is flying ATR plane, but how long has it been a month just 1? Tasikmalaya because there are so many UKM-UKM that can produce the product out, whether exported either taken to other provinces, “said President.

    The second airport to be built is one airport in Sukabumi.

    “I also decided next year that ‘airport’ we will start to build in Sukabumi, but beside which, father mother do not ask to me, because so know its location, land price will jump, ‘not’ so wake up ‘airport’,” said the President who was greeted with the laughter of the invitees.

    The President also decided to keep the location of the candidate candidate Sukabumi airport until the laying of the first stone later.

    “Later, next time ‘grounbreaking’, let me decide after the land affairs is completed,” added the President.

    The President two weeks ago actually only some Bocimi toll road alias Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi toll road.

    “In connection with the Bocimi toll road, Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi, do not have to be punched yet, the toll road has not been completed since 1996, it has changed ownership of investors 4 times, until 3 years ago there is no development at all then we take over and I ordered our state-owned, insha Allah mid-2019 can be completed, “added the President.

    The toll road will be able to shorten the travel time from Jakarta to Sukabumi and vice versa which currently still takes about 6 hours due to congestion.

    “So from Jakarta to Bogor I have experienced 6 hours myself, that is when I boarded the plane has reached Dubai, to Japan, I have experienced myself to sukabumi 6 hours, without escort,” said the President.

    Sources: http://industri.bisnis.com/read/20171228/98/721770/ini-rencana-tiga-bandara-di-seputar-jabar-
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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