• This is APBMI’s Commitment: Accelerate Loading and Unloading Service at Ports

    JAKARTA (BeritaTrans.com) – The Association of Indonesian Loading and Unloading Company (APBMI) is committed to accelerate the productivity and loading and unloading of cargo and container services to support the Sea toll road program being carried by the government at present.

    Chairman of DPP APBMI, Muhamad Fuadi, Thursday (08/24/2017) said the acceleration of loading and unloading services greatly affects the creation of cost efficient logistics.

    APBMI has coordinated with all member companies of the association member (PBM) from Sabang to Merauke to participate in the success of sea toll program from the acceleration of loading and unloading services at the port.

    “We are also very committed to the government’s efforts to reduce national logistics costs, so that domestic commodity prices can be more affordable by the community,” he said.

    Fuadi also said the association will continue to work together with port operators in Indonesia in this case PT.Pelindo I, II, III and IV, in order to create a more harmonious business synergy between the state-owned and private national.

    “In doing business in the Port we can not alone, it needs synergy among business actors including with SOEs in the port sector in order to achieve the expected economic growth target,” he explained.

    Fuadi said, APBMI also has a pattern of cooperation or partnership to realize harmonization between Loading and Unloading Company (PBM) with port operators BUMN in this case PT.Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo).

    The partnership, in the form of cooperation between PBM and Pelindo in the form of sharing / port facility.

    Thus, Pelindo does not need to directly carry out the loading and unloading work that has been implemented by private PBMs in the port.

    Pelindo may also subcontract its loading and unloading work to PBM, with a record of mutual benefit, he said.

    Meanwhile, the loading and unloading tariff applicable in each port is submitted and adjusted through mutual agreement mechanism between provider and service user based on business to business.

    “Harmonization of all business actors and stakeholders of sea freight and seaport can be a strong magnet in the success of sea toll program,” said Fuadi.

    Sources: http://beritatrans.com/2017/08/24/ini-komitmen-apbmi-percepat-layanan-bongkar-muat-di-pelabuhan/
    Translated by Aryputra Pande

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