• Special Report: Mount Agung And Mysterious Character Different With Other Mounts

    By: Devy Kamil Syahbana, Head of Mitigation Sub-Division for East Volcano Fire Monitoring PVMBG

    Generally volcanoes in Indonesia mimiliki different characters and has its own uniqueness. So it is with Mount Agung.

    Even from the view of some volcanologists, Mount Agung is a mysterious mountain because there is no detailed documentation describing how the phase of Mount Agung before erupting.

    When the last eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 ago, there is no tool that can give us an idea of ​​how the character or phase of Mount Agung before the eruption. The volcanologists then came to Bali when Mount Agung had erupted.

    They conducted interviews on residents and mapping the impact of eruptions.
    So the status of Beware of Mount Agung this year is historic and important for volcanologists to study the character of Mount Agung.

    The character of Mount Agung has a different character than volcano in other in Indonesia. Mount Agung is more difficult to predict and its volcanic activity can not be decided quickly.

    We can usually read the situation of volcanic earthquake fluctuations. Mount Agung fluctuates at an average rate of 600 times to 900 times the earthquake per day, but has not experienced an eruption. This is quite confusing.

    Other volcanoes in Indonesia experience eruptions after 200 to 300 earthquakes. Mount Soputan in North Sulawesi before experiencing an eruption only earthquakes dozens of times. However, after the eruption then the earthquake reached hundreds and thousands of times.

    While Mount Merapi in Java experienced an eruption after experiencing a volcanic earthquake about 200 times or shortly after its status was increased so Beware. The mountain is usually erupted shortly after our status increase so be aware.

    Gunung Agung has 21 days of Awas status, and volcanic earthquake has fluctuated in the average number of 600 to 900 times even once 1,000 more, but not yet eruption.

    I hope Mount Agung fluctuations in the future may decrease gradually, if any eruption I hope is not great.

    If conditions are like now, of course we can not take conclusions to lower the status or how because it is still very high volcanic activity. (*)

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/10/14/gunung-agung-dan-karakter-misteriusnya-yang-berbeda-dengan-gunung-lainnya?page=all
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

    One Response to Special Report: Mount Agung And Mysterious Character Different With Other Mounts

    • The immense size of Agung and the depth of magma are interesting. Batur also showed activity after the large earthquake (probably opened a previously opened fault allowing magma into the area below agung side of batur complex and more toward agung. My fear is that it is very deep magma plus mountain of 3700 meters on top (very large) the amount of water is large is substrata of mountain of large size as is mass of strata itself probably heat strengthened by previous magma intrusion events. So if the fault is open still feeding magma storage of agung it will take some time to heat strata boil off groundwater and finally melt strata causing it to fail under immense pressure = Plinian eruption. Given the visual evidence of mountains around Agung have bee Plinian or Ultra Plinian completely destroying mountain batur and other mountain near north east coast of Bali. It may continue to fluctuate but at some point the strata will fail and eruption will happen. I believe the longer before any eruption equates at this level of activity to a Plinian possiblity in which case NO WHERE on Bali will be safe and this unfortunate event has not bieng considered. ie Emergancy Mass evacuation of Bali.

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