• Mount Agung Update: Official, Mount Agung Erupts! Here’s 9 PVMBG Recommendations

    AMLAPURA – Mount Agung returned to show its activity after it was observed issued a thick smoke on Tuesday (21/11/2017) afternoon at 17:05 pm.

    Confirmed separately Head of Mitigation Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) I Gede Suantika, called the dense smoke from Mount Agung is the ash that comes out from the crater of Mount Agung and means that Mount Agung has Erupsi.

    “We are still alert status, but the ashes are already out. So it’s erupted ash puff, “said Suantika.

    Suantika added, although the eruption of Mount Agung status is still set at level III or Standby. Nevertheless, it requested to keep waiting for official information from PVMBG.

    “Genesis 17:05 Wita, but better wait for the release first in the office,” said Gede Suantika short.

    Meanwhile, based on an official statement issued by PVMBG that the eruption of Mount Agung, occurred at 17:05 pm.

    The eruption of Mount Agung at 17:05 Wita. Smoke is observed with medium pressure with a thick gray color and with a maximum height of about 700 m above the peak. The blasting ash blows weakly towards the East-Southeast.

    The eruption is still ongoing. Communities to remain calm but to always follow the recommendations of PVMBG in Status Level III (Standby).

    Recommendation :

    1. Communities around G. Agung and climbers / visitors / tourists not to be on, do not climb and do not do any activity in the Estimate Zone Danger that is inside the crater area of ​​G. Agung and in all areas within a radius of 6 km from the Peak Crater G. Agung and added sectoral expansion to North-Northeast and Southeast-South-Southwest as far as 7.5 km. Estimated Zone Dangers are dynamic and continuously evaluated and are subject to change at any time following the most recent / recent G. Supreme observation data. Areas affected include Br. Br. Belong, Pucang, and Pengalusan (Desa Ban); Dusun Br. Badeg Kelodan, Central Badeg, Badegdukuh, Telunbuana, Pura, Over and Sogra (Sebudi Village); Dusun Br. Kesimpar, Kidulingkreteg, Putung, Temukus, Besakih and Jugul (Besakih Village); Dusun Br. Bukitpaon and Tanaharon (Desa Buana Giri); Dusun Br. Yehkori, Untalan, Galih and Pesagi (Jungutan Village); and some areas of Dukuh Village.
    2. If an eruption occurs then another potential hazard that may occur is the occurrence of heavy ash rains that hit the entire Estimated Hazard Zone. Heavy ash rain can also extend its impact beyond the Estimated Danger Zone depending on the direction and speed of the wind. By the time this recommendation is lowered, the wind blows predominantly towards the South-Southeast. Therefore, it is expected that this can be anticipated early especially in determining the location of the refugees.
    3. Given the potential dangers of volcanic ash that can cause acute respiratory distress (ISPA) in humans it is expected that all communities, primarily living around G. Agung and on the island of Bali, immediately prepare masks cover the nose and mouth and eye protection as an anticipatory effort potential of volcanic ash hazard.
    4. Local Government and its staffs and BNPB to immediately assist in establishing communication network through cellular phone (WhatsApp Group) and communication through integrated radio to overcome the limitations of cell phone signal among the parties related to G. Agung disaster eruption disaster. It is expected that a routine and fast information dissemination process can be well organized.
    5. All stakeholders in the aviation sector continue to keep abreast of G. Agung’s activities on a regular basis as observational data can be rapidly changing so that preventive measures to ensure air safety can be done.
    6. All parties to maintain the atmosphere atmosphere in Bali Island, not spreading false news (hoax) and not hooked issues about the eruption of G. Agung is not clear source.
    7. Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Geological Agency continues to coordinate with the Regional Government, BNPB, BPBD Bali Province and BPBD Kabupaten Karangasem in providing information about the activities of G. Agung.
    8. Communities around G. Agung and climbers / visitors / tourists are expected to remain calm while maintaining vigilance and follow the appeal of the Regional Government, District / City Government, Provincial / Regency / City BPBD and other related apparatus in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Center Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Geological Agency so that if necessary rapid strategic mitigation efforts, can be done immediately and without waiting for a long time.
    9. The entire community and the Government of Oaerah, BNPB, BPBD Bali Province, BPBD Kabupaten Karangasem, and other relevant agencies can monitor the development of activity level and recommendation of G. Agung at any time through the application MAGMA Indonesia that can be accessed through the website https: //magma.vsi .esdm.go.id or through the Android MAGMA Indonesia application that can be downloaded on Google Play. Community participation is also highly expected by reporting events related to G. Agung activities through the Disaster Report feature. Stakeholders in the aviation sector can access the VONA (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation feature).

    Data source

    • Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Geological Agency
    • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources


    Source: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/11/21/resmi-gunung-agung-meletus-begini-9-rekomendasi-pvmbg
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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