• Logistic Transmission, Government Must Provide Infrastructure

    AFFA’s 27th Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA to get input and logistic improvements to each AFFA member countries (coup)

    Denpasar  – The price of Indonesian export goods can compete when the cost of shipping (logistics) optimally. In order to facilitate the logistics of export goods, the government is obliged to provide infrastructure.

    Chairman of the National Board of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) / ILFA, Yukki Nugrahawan on the sidelines of the 27th AFFA Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA Saturday (25/11) said the 27th AFFA Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA to get input and logistic improvements to each member country of AFFA.

    For in Indonesia through the meeting is scheduled to discuss issues of education, multimodal, including delivery (logistics). With good delivery, export goods from Indonesia can be reached in destination countries such as in the Asia region to secure convenient funds.

    He explained that countries in ASEAN still highlights the cost of shipping (logistics) is still quite expensive. In fact, ASEAN is the third economic power in Asia. In fact, Indonesia occupies the seventh position in the world.

    Yukki Nugrahawan explained, ALFI hopes to help raise the competitiveness of handicraft products such as in Bali. Export products in Bali can compete with efficient shipping costs. “With the decline in shipping costs that benefit the SME sector,” he said.

    Head of Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency of the Ministry of Transportation, Ir. Bambang Prihartono said that the commodity of tourism sector like in Bali is the economic support. ALFI-incorporated entrepreneurs should strive for logistics costs to be suppressed.

    Furthermore, he said, the cost of logisitik in Bali should be able to compete with in other areas. Complaints about infrastructure are a government problem. In the next five years, the government will pursue the achievement of infrastructure preparation targets.

    Bambang Prihartono confirmed that he has recommended to ALFI members to learn from other countries such as Singapore. With education from Singapore, ALFI members can reduce shipping costs.

    The decline in shipping costs has a target price of export products have competitiveness. “When shipping costs can be reduced, over time the cost of products can be more competitive,” he said. (coup)

    Sources: http://bisnisbali.com/2017/11/27/perlancar-logistik-pemerintah-wajib-sediakan-infrastruktur/
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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