• Japan The Biggest Absorbent Export of Bali Fish and Shrimp


    By IK Sutika

    The Japanese market absorbed the most fish and shrimp commodities from Bali, reaching 21.35 percent of the total shipments of 14.46 million US dollars during November 2017.

    “The catch of fishermen and companies that operate large vessels in the port of Benoa, its production penetrate various countries in the world, after Japan following the United States that accommodate 18.91 percent,” said the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Bali Province , Adi Nugroho in Denpasar, Saturday (13/1/2018).

    He said the fish and shrimp from Bali are also in demand from the Australian market that holds 8.41 percent, Singapore 5.65 percent, Thailand 3.25 percent, China 1.81 percent, Taiwan 1.24 percent, Hong Kong 2.35 percent , Vietnam 6.87 percent, and Germany 2.54 percent.

    The rest, as much as 27.63 percent penetrate various other countries in the world because fish and shrimp from Bali are very interested in foreign consumers.

    Adi Nugroho added that Bali exported fish and shrimp to foreign markets worth 14.46 million US dollars during November 2017, an increase of 1.34 million US dollars or 10.98 percent over the previous month (October 2017) which recorded 13.118 million US dollars.

    “However, compared to the same month the previous year also increased by 2.64 million US dollars or 22.43 percent because November 2016 shrimp and fish shipment only generate foreign exchange of 11.81 million US dollars,” said Adi Nugroho.

    He said the fish and shrimp commodities are able to contribute 31.51 percent of the total value of Bali exports reached 45.90 million US dollars during November 2017, decreased 1.79 million US dollars or 3.76 percent from the previous month that reached 47.60 million US dollars.

    However, compared to the same month the previous year increased by 1.67 million US dollars or 3.84 percent because shipping fish and shrimp in November 2016 generate foreign exchange amounted to 44.20 million US dollars.

    Fish and shrimp are one of the five main commodities of Bali exports which contributed 31.51 percent, followed by jewelry (jewel) 15.94 percent, apparel not knitted 11.17 percent, wood products, wooden goods 9, 02 percent, and furniture products, home lighting 5.75 percent.

    Adi Nugroho explained that although the export value of fish and shrimp from Bali is quite large, but its role in the formation of farmer exchange rate (NTP) decreased by 0.27 percent from 104.81 percent in October 2017 to 104.53 percent in November 2017.

    The price index of production received by farmers experienced an increase of 0.48 percent and the index paid by farmers (lb) recorded a larger increase of 0.75 percent. The increase in index received by farmers is caused by the increase of fishery commodity price ie capture fishery group 0,64 percent and fishery fishery 0,15 role.

    “Some fishery commodities that experienced price increases include squid, tuna, lemuru, catfish, and tuna fish,” said Adi Nugroho. (FNH / Ant)

    Sources: https://www.wartaekonomi.co.id/read167251/jepang-penyerap-terbesar-ekspor-ikan-dan-udang-bali.html
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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