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    The atmosphere when the Post office staff checked the items to be sent out. (tribunsumsel.com/Eko Hepronis)

    Jakarta – (suaracargo.com)

    The 27th of September which is annually celebrated as Post Bhakti Day by all employees in the Post and Telecommunication ranks departs from the take over of PTT Bureau from the power of the Japanese government by the son of the Indonesian daughter who is a member of Telegraph and Telephone AMPTT abbreviated on September 27 1945. The peak of the commemoration of Hari Bhakti Postel is marked by the implementation of the ceremony which is followed by all postal and telecommunication line at PTT Head Office (currently headquarter of Pos Indonesia Bandung) led by the Minister of Communication and Information of RI every year, on the anniversary of Hari Bhakti Postel this time the theme is “Work Together Realizing the Indonesian Digital Society”

    “We have together the changes that have taken place in our society today. Everything is caused and heading in one direction, namely the formation of a society driven by digitalization in all fields. We should be grateful to get the mandate of the era to become a ministry that directly intersects with all aspects of digitalization, “said Minister of Communications and Information RI Rudiantara in his speech.

    The Government’s continued seriousness to move quickly in the era of digitalization is characterized by various tools of strategy and regulation. One of them in the mandate of Perpres No. 74 of 2017 PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is encouraged to transform business into a modern and highly competitive company.

    “I see that the Pos Indonesia institution also has a great opportunity to get involved in this digitalization frenzy,” explained Rudiantara, as reported by liputan6.com.

    Broad network owned by Pos Indonesia, Rudiantara continued, very profitable to hold financial transaction services to compensate for the rapid advancement of financial technology. By serving financial transactions, Pos Indonesia is expected to contribute to accelerated financial inclusion in Indonesia.


    To realize the mandate of the Government through Presidential Regulation No. 74 of 2017 PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) continue to make breakthroughs and cooperation partnerships. Coinciding with the 72nd anniversary of Postel Bhakti Day at Graha Pos Indonesia, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) signed a partnership agreement with several companies namely the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia on Postal Services in Supporting Marine and Fishery Sector Development; Directorate General of Sea Spatial Management of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia concerning the Improvement of Accessibility and Post Service in Coastal Areas and Small Islands / Outerma; PT Iforte Global Internet on Logistics Distribution of Telecommunication Facilities; Indonesian Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (GAPMMI); PT Satriakarya Adiyudha; PT Telkom on the Development of Digital System Prototype for Electronic National Based Trading. and PT Citilink Indonesia.

    “We welcome the cooperation as set forth in the agreement. The spirit of cooperation is based on several aspects such as, realizing the synergy of SOEs, increasing revenue through new service business with customer market segments that come to the Office of the (walk-in customer), forming a positive image that Pos Indonesia has been able to handle shipment of goods with category valuable goods , improving the competitiveness of companies with competitors, and also educate the public to invest or save by buying gold for the future, “said President Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Gilarsi W. Setijono.


    In this 72nd Post Bhakti Postel Day PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) gave awards to some customers and partners, namely the Directorate General of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia for the Consignment of Stamp Duty; PT Prudential, PT Kharisma Dahana Gemilang (Easy Shopping), PT Telkomsel for Letters & Package Management category; PT Bumi Asuransi Umum Putera Muda and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk for Treasury & Taxes category; PT PLN (Persero) and Directorate General of Treasury for Payment category; PT Taspen (Persero), PT Asabri (Persero) and PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk for the category of PDKP; PT Pura Barutama and PT Temprina Grafika for Logistics Integration category.

    Not only that, in order to commemorate the 271 Year Post Pos Service State Post Indonesia has made several races on this occasion also made the award to the winners are as follows: 1. Innovation Contest (Kaizen) Winner Probolinggo Office from Regional 7 SurabayaJuara II Post Office Banjarmasin from Regional 9 BanjarbaruJuara III Office SPP Denpasar from Regional 8 Denpasar2. Promotion and Sales Contest 1st Post Office Probolinggo from Regional 7 SurabayaJuara II Post Office Mamuju from Regional 10 MakassarJuara III Post Office Cimai from Regional 5 Bandung3. Achievement Award

    Sources: https://suaracargo.com/pemerintah-dukung-pt-pos-indonesia-masuk-ke-kancah-bisnis-logistik/
    Translated by Aryputra PandeBIC

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