• Gianyar export market to America, Germany and China

    Produk craft in Gianyar, Bali (Photo Antara Bali via Adi Blue / 2018)

    The export markets of Gianyar, Bali in 2016 and 2017 are the United States, followed by Germany and China which have not experienced a shift in the past two years.

    While the fourth and fifth positions are shifting where in 2016 Australia and Sweden are shifted in 2017 by the UK and South Africa, Gianyar Regency Industry and Trade Agency I Wayan Suamba said on Monday.

    He said exports from Gianyar regency to America in 2017 reached 4.67 million dollars down compared to 2016 of 4.8 million US dollars, followed by Germany in 2017 of 2.41 million dollars. There is an increase compared to the year 2016 of 2.1 million US dollars.

    The third position of Gianyar export market in 2017 is China with a value of 1.86 million US dollars, an increase compared to 2016 of 1.58 million US dollars.

    “In 2017, the fourth position is occupied by the UK with export value of 1.39 million US dollars, an increase compared to the year 2016 amounted to 907,225 US dollars.In 2016, the UK occupies the seventh position but in 2017 rose to fifth position,” said I Wayan Suamba.

    Meanwhile, South Africa suddenly skyrocketed ranked fifth position of Gianyar export destination with a value of 1.09 million US dollars. In 2017, the South African country is not included in the ten export destinations of Gianyar, said Kadis Perindag Gianyar.

    I Wayan Suamba detailing the ten export destinations of Gianyar in 2017 is America, followed by Germany, China, England, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. While the top ten export destinations of Gianyar in 2016, the top position occupied by America, followed by Germany, China, Australia, Sweden, Canada, England, Spain, Guam and the Netherlands.

    Gianyar export products in 2017, the first position is occupied by wood products, carvings, followed by musical instruments, then pearls and other jewelry stone, textiles and fashion, furniture.

    “However, export data from Gianyar Regency does not mean that the products and entrepreneurs are from Gianyar, but also the exports and entrepreneurs from districts outside Gianyar because the central government only gives Denpasar and Gianyar districts as export gates or entitled to issue and serve export documents,” he said. . (WDY)

    Sources: https://bali.antaranews.com/berita/125105/pasar-ekspor-gianyar-ke-amerika-jerman-dan-tiongkok
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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