• Final Note of 2017 Competitive Exports, Quality of Human Resources from Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) increasingly Vital

    A qualified MSME human resources determine the competitiveness of tailored products produced.

    Various handicraft products namely accessories, knitted fabrics, and others produced small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Bali has been quite reliable in the export competition. However, in line with the dynamics of the rapidly growing export market competition, especially in 2017, MSMEs are increasingly demanded their readiness in various ways. What are they?

    WRONG one important indicator that should be enhanced UMKM namely the ability of human resources (HR). Therefore, education and training both in terms of management of SMEs to products is vital. With reliable HR, products generated from time to time will be more innovative so as to meet the dynamic market tastes.

    Silver and other accessories accessories for example, is a commodity that can be reliable in the export market. With design innovations and motives, the attractiveness of buyers from a number of export destination countries is expected to increase. The target, increased orders and UMKM productivity in the field of handicraft gold and silver jewelry Bali also increasingly stretched.

    Thus among others disclosed owner Wirata Jewellry, Kadek Ariana address the challenges of global competition is increasingly tight in 2017 this. Previously, the perpetrators of SMEs in the field of knitted fabric production, Ida Ayu Kartika deliver a qualified human resources to give widespread impact on improving product competitiveness in export markets. On the management side, for example, traditional fabric manufacturers will be able to manage production by optimizing the utilization of quality materials.

    Supported by innovations of design and motives of various and quality, efforts to increase market confidence can be done optimally. Similarly with knitted fabric products such as endek and songket. Because it is a product of the fruit of the hand, kekhasannya will remain awake. This is the competitive advantage of the Balinese pemotif in the export market. “To produce the endek fabric, songket, and other quality, it all depends on the human resources that are qualified,” said the endek fabric designer and songket Sidemen Karangasem this.

    Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data said Bali generated foreign exchange 1.34 million US dollars from the export of knit goods during October 2017 or rose 71,398 US dollars or 5.62 percent compared to the previous month (September 2017) recorded 1.27 million US dollars.

    Compared to the same month of the previous year, foreign exchange earnings increased 188,660 US dollars or 16.35 percent, as October 2016 delivery of knit goods that only generate 1.15 million US dollars. (gun)

    Sources: http://bisnisbali.com/2017/12/29/catatan-akhir-tahun-2017-ekspor-bersaing-kualitas-sdm-umkm-makin-vital/
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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