• Exports of Bali Sculpture and Handicraft Translucent USD5.03 million

    DENPASAR – Exports of sculptures and various types of wood-based souvenirs from Bali managed to reap foreign exchange of USD5.03 million during March 2018. The amount increased USD837.467 or 19.94% compared to February 2018 recorded USD4, 19 million.

    “However, the foreign exchange earnings compared to the same month in the previous year increased by 307,338 US dollars or 6.50 percent, because in March 2017 the delivery of various types of statues generated 4.72 million US dollars,” said Head of Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Bali Province Adi Nugroho in Denpasar, Sunday.

    He said the hand-crafted handmade results of Balinese artisans and artists were able to contribute 8.53% of Bali’s total exports which reached USD59.04 million during March 2018, an increase of USD13.78 million or 30.46% compared to the previous month recorded USD45.26 million.

    However, Bali’s total exports compared to the same month in the previous year increased by 7.11% or 13.71%, as the export value in March 2017 was only USD51.92 million.

    Adi Nugroho added sculpture in various shapes and sizes of the creativity of artists and craftsmen Bali is one of the five commodities Bali mainstay that penetrates hundreds of countries in the world.

    Four other Bali’s mainstay commodities that penetrate the overseas market consist of fish and shrimp products of 25.51%, followed by jewelry products (gems) 15.88%, apparel products not knitted 15.16% as well as furniture and home lighting products of 5 , 45%.

    Adi Nugroho explained that the US market absorbed the most of the sculpture of 18.33%, followed by Spain 8.77%, France 8.61%, Japan 4.69% and Australia 3.74%.

    It also penetrated China’s 1.07% market, Hong Kong 0.07%, Singapore 1.57%, Germany 3.69% and the remaining 46.01% to various other countries in the world.

    Handicraft center for sculpture development and various types of wood-based souvenirs in Bali is found in Gianyar Regency, because most of the rural community in that area cultivate the creative craft business.

    Seeing the very promising opportunities in increasing the income and welfare of the community, sculpture business and various kinds of souvenirs from wood raw materials are now also developed in seven districts and one other city in Bali.

    The business is not merely making sculptures, but also various other unique and interesting souvenirs that are highly sought after by overseas consumers, in addition to being bought by foreign tourists while enjoying a holiday in Bali, Adi Nugroho said. (gear)

    Sources: https://economy.okezone.com/read/2018/05/20/320/1900457/ekspor-patung-dan-kerajinan-asal-bali-tembus-usd5-03-juta
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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