• Exporters Reluctant to Glance Benoa

    Benoa Harbor – Pelindo III, contains containers to be transit to Port of Tanjung Perak – Surabaya.

    DENPASAR-The export value of Bali products delivered through Benoa Port is increasingly shrinking, as exporters prefer to use ports outside the region.

    Citing BPS data Bali, in October total exports Bali worth US447, 69 million. Of that value, through Benoa Harbor only worth US $ 17.8 million or about 37.37% of total exports. Exports through port outside Bali reached US $ 29.8 million or 62.63% of total exports.

    “The largest portion of shipment is through East Java port of Tanjung Perak to 58.02% of the total export value, next through DKI Jakarta and Central Java,” explained Head of BPS Distribution Statistics Bali I Gede Nyoman Subadri, Tuesday (5/12/2017).

    The share of October export value through Benoa shrank in comparison to the previous months which remained in the range of 43.63% and 49.83%. Head of BPS Bali Adi Nugroho regretted the condition because a lot of foreign exchange that drifted to other areas. It pushed this issue there was immediately the intersection so that export does not necessarily have to bring its products out of the region.

    ALFI Bali Chairman Gusti Nyoman Rai explained that there is still no direct export delivery from Benoa that encourages entrepreneurs to choose a land route to Surabaya. It still hopes in the future there is a direct route as it has been initiated Pelindo III Branch Benoa.

    During this time, entrepreneurs choose to use the land route to Surabaya because it is faster than waiting to wait for the ship’s schedule in Benoa. GM Pelindo III Benoa Wayan Eka Saputra admitted that the export ship route from Benoa to Surabaya arrived 6 days.

    He suspects the length of waiting time is what encourages entrepreneurs prefer the land route to Surabaya before being shipped to other countries. Moreover, he said, Denpasar-Surabaya land route can be reached about 1 day to 2 days so much faster than still waiting in Benoa.

    “It will be faster if it passes Surabaya, from here it can be reached one day. Instead of waiting here, “he explained.

    In addition, other factors are still allowed to contain 20 feet of container by road and only 40 feet are required by sea. He suspects it to be one that encourages entrepreneurs to ship their products using small size containers to Surabaya.

    Another prediction is the rise of electronic sales systems that make entrepreneurs choose airlines for shipping. In addition to smaller numbers, the use of aircraft is also faster and more efficient than ships.

    Eka said that until now there is no plan to follow up the plan to open the direct export vessel route from Benoa. According to him, the company’s current focus is the development of the largest port in Bali to be completed soon.

    However, based on data from BPS Bali, the number of baggage and international air freight from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport decreased 10.68% in October from 9.97 million tons to 8.90 million tons.

    While for the number of baggage and goods shipments from the five main destination countries compared to the previous month record shows that all decreased with the highest decrease of Malaysia’s goal of 16.67%.

    While the lowest decline was achieved by the Hong Kong state’s target of 3.77%.

    Sources: http://kabar24.bisnis.com/read/20171205/78/715468/eksportir-enggan-lirik-benoa
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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