• Customs Priok Commit TPS Monitor in its Customs Area

    JAKARTA – Tanjung Priok Customs and Excise Decree issued a warning letter on Indonesia Air & Marine Supply (TIN) temporary landfill in the customs area of ​​the port is assessed in accordance with the rules and is the result of internal monitoring of Customs and Excise of Priok Port.

    Head of Tanjung Priok Main Customs Service Office (KPU) of Tanjung Priok Port, Fajar Doni, said the letter is only a reprimand and refers to the report of the service user community and the Temporary Shelter Employers Association (Aptesindo) regarding the operation pattern of the Airin TPS facility.

    “It’s a warning to TPS Airin to improve the internal operation of its facilities, so it’s not just because there is Aptesindo’s report, there is from the service user community as well,” he told Bisnis.com in Jakarta on Friday (18/08/2017).

    Dawn said that when confirmed by Bisnis.com related to the release of warning letter from the Tanjung Priok Customs and Excise KPU to TPS Airin management dated August 7, 2017.

    In the Priok Customs letter numbered S-4604 / KPU.01 / 2017, it is mentioned that the Customs Decision refers to the Aptesindo report letter for TPS Airin which is also a subsidiary of state-owned PT Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero) so as not to lend part of the TPS facility To the other party, but manage it by yourself.

    Airin TPS management is also required to apply single billing to its TPS service and integrate single billing system on warehousing service of the company.

    “Please PT Airin management to clarify to us about what internal improvements have been done,” he said, adding that we should periodically monitor all polling stations in the Priok customs area, “he explained.

    Search Bisnis.com at PT Airin TPS location located on Cilincing Raya Kalibaru road on JNumat, all Airin TPS facilities which is also adjacent to Indonesia Vehicle Terminal (IKT) area is operated directly by the SOE.

    When contacted by Bisnis.com, President Director of PT Airin Rudolf Valentino denied that his party transferred some of the operational TPS to its partners.

    “All our facilities are operated solely by PT Airin.All services related to our services are also the responsibility of our company and we have implemented single billing,” he said.

    Sources: http://industri.bisnis.com
    Translated by Aryaputra Pande

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