• Coordinating Minister for Luhut: North Bali Airport Planned to be Built On Land

    The planned construction of the North Bali International Airport which was finally re-rolled, set to be done on land.

    The Coordinating Minister for Home Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan argued that development on land was more cost-effective.

    If referring to the results of the study of investors, PT Pembangunan Bali Mandiri (Pembari) opportunity to work on the construction of the north bali airport.

    The reason this company is proposing that the airport construction is done on land, not in the sea.

    “The report is from Mr. Ketut’s team, on the ground, but I want to see the details first .. I want details (offer Pembari PT) .That he said, the project value of Rp 6.3 trillion, 14% IRR and others,” he said GATRA at the State Palace complex on Monday (02/04).

    However, the government does not want to rashly determine PT Pembari as an investor who builds North Bali Airport.

    “But I want to do the calculations, we want to see first, so we want to see the business model him, so we will not say yes, but not the way,” he said.

    Coordinating Minister Luhut had met with PT Pembari this afternoon at kemenitman kemenko office.

    It is recognized Luhut. According to Luhut, his meeting with PT Pembari to talk about the development of North Bali. “It was just a meeting at the office before I reported to the President,” he said.

    Beginning last March actually Luhut never convey the cancellation of North Bali airport development. Later, the decision was reviewed. Luhut asserted the government will build an international airport north bali on land.

    “The construction of the north bali airport I also reported earlier (to the President) we agreed to build the infrastructure and gradually because the funding also seems to be from non-state budget,” he said.

    According to Luhut, after the government re-confirm the study of the World Bank, it turns out that airport development in North Bali can be done.

    “We re-confirm again, we present all, Bappenas, Mr. Bambang who leads all.Finally seen it is still possible.As apparently found again, we build a second run way in Denpansar, the cost is almost Rp 27 trillion. adding 10 million passengers, “he said.

    Based on the calculations, the government assesses the budget needed to build a new airport is cheaper than building a second run way Ngurah Rai airport, Denpansar.

    “If it’s just Rp 6.3 trillion to build the airport in the north, we directly make a 75km toll road from south to north, it is still cheaper, we see the cost is also efficient there, and the development of North Bali, the President asked, on the level of poverty, in North Bali it is quite high, “he said.

    Luhut insists there is no intervention or insistence from any party, in the change of policy of North Bali airport development. “Who (boldly) pushes me in? There is no urgent urge,” he said.

    Sources: https://economy.okezone.com/read/2018/04/02/320/1881189/anggaran-pembangunan-bandara-bali-utara-capai-rp6-3-triliun
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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