• Cargo Pioneer Subsidy Flight Officially Inaugurated

    Wamena Airport in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua

    JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation through Dirtjen of Air Transportation on Friday afternoon (24/11/2017) inaugurated the pioneer cargo subsidy flight connecting the capital center with several districts in the rural areas of Papua Province.

    Head of UPBU Office Class I Wamena Rasburhany said the pioneer cargo transportation subsidy will operate in four districts in Tolikara, Nduga, and Jayawijaya districts.

    “Today, pioneer cargo pioneer aviation activities are already in place, four of these districts are located in three districts, for example Tolikara where the district is Mamit, Nduga there are two districts namely Munggi with Mapenduma, and Jayawijaya Regency in Enggolok,” he said in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, on Friday.

    The pioneer cargo subsidy flight which will last until the end of December is planned to fly 16 times to the four districts.

    “Based on the budget available for the time of one month to December, it serves four flights a week, so if four locations means there is 16` flight` in a week, assuming, the transport is one ton per flight, because the aircraft used is caravan type C28, “he explained.

    He said the government provided a 100 percent subsidy for the district’s cargo flights, so to keep an eye on the items to be shipped, the airport put a label on each pack of goods shipped.

    “Supervision of the second side by looking at the manifest, if a maximum of 1 ton of goods sent, whether 1 ton is the subsidy of all of them? Not to take advantage of this situation.This means that the manifest of one ton, but sent only half, that is what we will do supervision, “he continued.

    Related to the supervision, it also cooperates with the Office of Industry and Trade Jayawijaya and Nduga.

    Sources: http://industri.bisnis.com/read/20171124/98/712351/penerbangan-subsidi-perintis-kargo-diresmikan
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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