• Businesspeople Expect Optimization of CFS Center in Priok Port

    JAKARTA: Businesses at Tanjung Priok Port expect optimization of facilities and activities at the center of imported cargo consolidation or container freight station (CFS) center which has been prepared in the busiest port in Indonesia.

    Forwarder and logistics practitioner who is also Commissioner of PT.Tata Waskita, Wisnu Waskita said the presence of CFS center in Priok port is part of the improvement of governance in the busiest port in Indonesia, and should get maximum response and support from business actors in order to streamline the cost of logistics especially to import cargo status less than container load.

    Imported cargo of less than container load (LCL) is a cargo loaded in one container but owned more than the owner / consigne and the cargo status is still under the supervision of customs officers at the port.

    “With the presence of CFS center facility for handling imported LCL cargo, automatic supervision tasks by customs and excise agencies become easier and more effective because it is centered,” he told Bisnis on Sunday (17/12/2017).

    Wisnu said, all parties should prioritize the national interest to jointly participate in the success of government programs and President Joko Widodo in lowering logistics costs. Moreover, he said, at this time, PT.Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II / IPC has stated that the management of CFS Center in Priok Port is managed by two logistic companies that have been long enough in that field namely PT.Multi Terminal Indonesia / IPC Logistic Service which is a subsidiary of Pelindo II, and PT.Agung Raya Warehouse.

    “Pelindo II’s step in providing CFS center facility in Priok is the Priok port governance program which has been expected for quite a long time to make efficient LCL import cargo service in port,” he said.

    During this time, he said, the handling of imported cargo as lesss than container load (LCL) in Priok port is spread out in a number of warehouse facilities within the port of Priok and warehouses outside the harbor still in the Tanjung Priok customs area.

    PT.Pelindo II / IPC has prepared, Priok CFS center location integrated with information and technology (IT) system at Masaji Kargo Tama (MKT) and Gudang Agung Raya warehouse facilities, which is adjacent to the main entry access point 9 Tanjung Priok Port . The state-owned company also estimates, with the CFS center will lower the cost of importation through the port of Priok up to 10%.

    Previously, President Director of Pelindo II Elvyn G. Masassya said the CFS service is part of the company’s effort to become a digital port. “We want to be a digital port and this is not just a matter of [operating] at sea, but also supporting. Essentially we want to make flow of goods and flow of document run efficiently, “he explained.

    Until 2020, Pelindo II is ready to spend on investment of up to Rp 1 trillion for the digitization of services from the aspects of the marine, terminal and supporting sides. The CFS service will combine six parties from container terminals, forwarders, Customs, CFS operators, cargo owners, to banks. CFS portals can also be a kind of marketplace where the goods owner can have forwarder services like ordering a plane ticket in a travel app. (K1)

    Sources: http://industri.bisnis.com/read/20171217/98/719072/pebisnis-harapkan-optimalisasi-cfs-centre-di-pelabuhan-priok
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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