• Businessman Complained, There Is Still Container Import Guarantee Money

    A worker walks on a container at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta – Reuters / Nyimas Laula

    JAKARTA – logistics business agent urged the Task Force for the Acceleration and Effectiveness Package of Economic Policy chaired by Minister of Law and Human Rights to conduct surveillance at the same time not the course of action following the abolition of bail rules of import containers which have become an additional burden of national logistics costs.

    Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) DKI Jakarta Widijanto said at Tanjung Priok Port only up to now there are only six shipping companies that no longer collect the import container money.

    “We are conveying this not only to the interests of logistic players in Priok, but for the national interest, we urge the Task Force to also monitor other ports throughout Indonesia,” he told Bisnis on Wednesday (8/23/2017).

    Widijanto said based on data from ALFI DKI Jakarta, in Priok Port until now there are only six foreign shipping companies and companies in the domestic agency that does not collect the deposit money.

    Sixth shipping and shipping agency was the Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), MCC Transport which is mediated Sailing White Star, Maersk Line in ageni Sailing White Star, Mitsui OSK Line (MOL), Hapag-Lloyd which is mediated Samudra Indonesia, and Nippon Yusen Khabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line).

    While the 19 shipping and agency that still quotes container bundle namely; SITC Indonesia, Cosco Indonesia, Yang Ming Line, Evergreen, APL Indonesia, Ocean Indonesia, K ‘Line, Caraka Tirta Perkasa Line (CTP).

    Then, RCL Line through agenya Bhum Mulia Prima, Sailing the Southern Ocean (PIL) Wan Hai Lines, Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line, CMA-CNC-CGM Line, SKR Indonesia, Optima Ocean Together, K-carga Agencies Line, Screen Sentosa (Larsen Line ), Bahari Raya Light Line and Freight Liner Indonesia.

    Widijanto said the abolition of imported container bundles has been regulated through the circular letter of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation of Kemenhub and followed up through the Government Economic Policy Package stage XV.

    “Although the removal of imported container bundles has already been included in the XV Economic Policy Package, it is not complied with by foreign shipping, so we ask that the established Task Force be able to supervise and take action against it,” he said.

    Bisnis, Industry and Trade Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs Office said Edy Putera Irrawaddy related businesses and entrepreneurs can submit their complaint to the Task Force report and the Acceleration and Effectiveness of Economic Policy if there is economic policy that has been initiated by the government is not running.

    “Please submit to Satgas which diketua directly by Menkumham,” he said.

    He said the Task Force was formed to oversee the entire package of economic policies already issued by the government.

    Chairman of BPD of All Indonesian Importers Association (GINSI) of DKI Jakarta, Subandi said to date importers are still quoted by import container bundle with varied value and felt very burdensome to the owner of the goods.

    That, he said, because it is no secret anymore that until now there are many foreign shipping companies who are also as the owner of domestic vacancy depot.

    “Cruise foreigners who set bail, and surveyed the damage though as if there was a third party who conducted the survey. Hence, rate improvement of containers set out unilaterally even no standartnya. In the end they also cut the cost of repairs from the security deposit it,” He said.

    Subandi pointed out that there is a tricky practice of foreign shipping. Claims of damage are always charged to the tenant / user or the importer, whereas the container begin loading its contents (stuffing) at the port of origin to the container kosongannya returned to the depot cruise in the destination country (Indonesia) there are several parties involved in include shipping, terminal origin ( Port), destination terminal, trucking (importer), and vacancy depot.

    “Surveys should be conducted by independent surveyors when the goods out of the port and also conducted a survey in the depot when the container refund returned kepelayar,” he said.

    Subandi said an independent survey is important to investigate whether the damage occurred when the container was in the responsibility of the importer or not.

    But apart from all that, he added, there are fraudulent and unjustified business practices such as voyages to have a vacuum depot business while there is no independent party in it to eliminate cheating.

    As for the empty depots that do not belong to the shipping company, if making repairs but are paid by the voyage well below the cost charged to the importer by shipping.

    “Related to this, the government and the task force team have to come down to this problem because this is one of the high cost of logistics that is not terendus because it is wrapped in a reasonable business,” said Subandi.

    Sources: http://industri.bisnis.com/read/20170823/98/683515/pebisnis-keluhkan-masih-ada-uang-jaminan-kontainer-impor
    Translated by Aryaputra Pande

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