• Beauty of Eruption Gunung Agung

    BNPB Will ‘Sell’ Mount Agung Eruption as a Tour Package, It’s 3 Safe and Beautiful Points Seeing It


    AMLAPURA – National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) began to design the concept of beauty of eruption Gunung Agung for the benefit of Bali tourism.

    The new tourism concept that offers the beauty of Mount Agung eruption is intended for foreign tourists who come to the Island of the Gods.

    Deputy Prevention and Preparedness BNPB, Wisnu Widjaja, explained that the beauty of eruption was initiated in order to restore the condition of tourism in Bali.

    Known, lately a bit lethargic due to increased activity of Mount Agung.

    “The beauty of the mountain when the eruption is very good, and has a high selling value for tourism,” said Wisnu, Wednesday (18/10/2017), in Karangasem.

    The eruption of Mount Agung, according to Wisnu, is very good to be a tourist attraction or spectacle for tourists.

    This is like what happened in Hawaii or in Jogjakarta after the eruption of Mount Merapi.

    “Of course tourists should watch the eruption from the safe zone,” said Vishnu Widjaja.

    He explained that the eruption of Mount Agung can be seen from the number of points.

    First from a distance 25 kilometers from the summit of Mount Agung.

    Namely in the sea waters Kubu and Amed in Karangasem.

    From there, tourists will be able to see throwing volcanic material that spewed from the crater of Mount Agung.

    The sight of volcanic material volcano Mount Agung could be a good photography object.

    Secondly, see the eruption of a radius of 35 kilometers (safe zone) around Batur.

    Batur will look beautiful against the background of Mount Agung eruption.

    According to Vishnu, this is great for photography or visual documentation.

    Third, the eruption of Mount Agung can be seen from Pura Lempuyang.

    The distance is about 16.5 kilometers from the crater of Mount Agung.

    “If you look at eruptions from the safe zone, it will be safe, there are many safe areas that can be used as a place to see the eruption,” he said.

    “But, for the concept of this beuty of eruption tour we will continue to coordinate with PVMBG and BMKG to ensure wind direction, and the eruption of Mount Agung.Sometimes disaster is no lesson,” said Wisnu.

    According to him, the concept of beauty of eruption has been disseminated to the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), Bali Tourism Office, and PHRI (Perhimpunan Hotel dan Pariwisata Indonesia) Bali.

    They are very enthusiastic about the concept.

    Wisnu mentions Deputy Marketing Kemenpar willing to market the concept of beauty of this tour eruption.

    Related to the concept of beauty of eruption tourism, said Wisnu, on Tuesday (17/10/2017) BNPB invited to the College of Tourism (STP) in Bali to expose it.

    According to him, the eruption can provide blessings for the tourism sector and mining.

    “The eruption of Mount Agung can be sold, can be seen from the sea, and from a safe area, if from the sea can use a sea ship in the middle of the sea,” said Wisnu.

    Wisnu Widjaja said the concept of beauty of eruption has attachment to refugees.

    This concept will benefit the refugees displaced in Karangasem or outside the district.

    According to him, if run, the program of beauty of eruption will involve refugees.

    The goal is for refugees to earn income.

    Such as a guide (guide) foreign tourists or cook food for tourists.

    This activity can be sold.

    “Before the refugees are involved, they will be trained by officers from tourism agencies,” he explained.

    Like how to be a good guide, cook a good meal.

    “PHRI and the Bali Tourism Office are very welcome to this concept,” said Vishnu, a Denpasar-born man.

    If the concept of beauty of eruption tourism really can be realized, then the refugees can benefit from the eruption of the mountain.

    This program will continue to be socialized to the relevant agencies.

    It is expected that Bali tourism continues to run smoothly despite the eruption of Mount Agung.

    “The program is profitable, the result is for disaster as well,” he explained. (*)

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/10/19/bnpb-akan-jual-letusan-gunung-agung-sebagai-paket-wisata-ini-2-titik-aman-dan-indah-melihatnya?page=all
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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