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    DENPASAR – Head of Bali Industry and Trade Agency Ni Wayan Kusumawathi will optimize the export of spa products to the Middle East this year.

    He admitted since last year, Bali has tried to enter the Middle East market, it’s just not done optimally.

    Now, to realize the dream, it is encouraging the spa product manufacturer in Bali to export its goods to the Middle East.

    In addition he will also intensify cooperation with Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC).

    “There is a good demand for products that spa products and betel oil,” he said on Monday (8/1/2018).

    He said, many workers from Indonesia, especially Bali who fate in the Middle East to become a therapist. Because of that also, making the Middle East as a destination country of spa products export is very appropriate.

    “We expect other than usernya Indonia products also from Indonesia,” he said.

    In addition to the Middle East, Eastern European and African markets also began ogled. The products from Bali to be exported to Eastern Europe ie coffee products. While to the African continent that is outdoor decoration.

    “We are currently trying to target traditional markets other than the Middle East but also to Eastern Europe and Africa,” he said.

    Meanwhile, based on data from Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), most exports from January to November 2017 are aimed at the United States with a percentage of 28.38%, 9.04% from Australia, Japan at 7.49%, Singapore 7.43% %, and China as much as 5.48%.

    He expects that the entry of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa into destination countries will increase the value of Bali’s exports. The value of commodity exports in Bali to some countries increased 21.08% in the calculation from January to November 2017 to US $ 624 compared to the same period the previous year.

    Sources: http://kabar24.bisnis.com/read/20180108/78/724296/bali-bidik-pasar-timur-tengah
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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