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    Bali’s Home Accessories & Furniture

    DENPASAR, – Home appliance products made by Balinese craftsmen are able to penetrate foreign markets, especially United States (US) and Australia.

    Based on data from Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the export of household appliances from Bali to Australia in October 2017 reached 600 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 16.48 percent of total exports of 3.64 million US dollars.

    “After Australia overtook the United States to absorb 11.51 percent,” said Head of Statistics BPS Bali I Gede Nyoman Subadri in Denpasar, Tuesday (26/12/2017).

    In addition to the two countries, he calls the craft also diminato by Japanese consumers who absorb 4.76 percent, the Netherlands 3.34 percent, China 2.80 percent, Singapore 0.52 percent, Hong Kong 1.76 percent, Thailand 0, 66 percent and Germany 1.30 percent. The other 56.87 percent recorded through other countries in the world.

    Gede said, household products from Bali are very popular overseas consumers, because it is practical and has a high artistic value.

    BPS data show that household appliances and household exports during October 2017 increased 840,793 US dollars or 29.94 percent compared to September 2017 2.80 million US dollars. But the number was down 473,634 US dollars or 11.49 percent compared to October last year which reached 4.12 million US dollars.

    Bali’s exports of furniture and household lighting accounted for 7.65 percent of Bali’s total exports which reached 47.69 million US dollars during October 2017.

    Furnishings and household lighting that are shipped to the overseas market are made from bamboo raw materials adorned with woven rattan so it is unique and antique like chairs, cabinets, tables, beds and room dividers.

    In addition there is also a unique and antique statues of bamboo root raw materials that many in demand overseas markets, especially consumers Australia and the United States.

    The statue of bamboo root is produced by artisans and artisans from Bangli and Gianyar regencies in the form of animals, ducks, masks and sculptures that are adapted to the shape of their raw materials. The roots of bamboo usually grow berundun.

    “Creative crafters are able to process these roots into puppet statues or animals that are favored consumer society abroad,” said Gede.

    Sources: http://www.inews.id/finance/read/produk-rumah-tangga-asal-bali-diminati-konsumen-as-dan-australia
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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