• Bali Fishery Products Exports Reach USD326 Million, Up 46.76%

    DENPASAR – Bali exports fishery and marine products of USD326.57 million during 2017. This number increased USD104.04 million or 46.76% over the previous year which recorded USD222.52 million.

    “The foreign exchange earnings contributed 48.05 percent of Bali’s total export value of USD679.59 million during 2017,” said Head of Foreign Trade Division of the Bali Industry and Trade Agency, Anak Agung Ngurah Bagawinata in Denpasar, Sunday (25 / 2/2018).

    He said, Bali ships eleven types of fishery and marine products, but shark fin matadagangan no longer produce foreign exchange. As well as for the seaweed volume and the acquisition of foreign exchange continues to sag.

    Of the nine types of fishery commodities and marine products are the most prominent is the tuna in the form of fresh and frozen that can generate USD150, 15 million. This acquisition increased USD64, 73 million, or 75.79% over the previous year recorded USD85, 41 million.

    Similarly, in terms of volume of shipments of marine and fishery products, it increased by 22.77% from 11,437.91 tons in 2016 to 14,042.23 tons in 2017.

    Ngurah Bagawinata added, after tuna fish, following shipments of various other fish species worth USD103, 66 million, decreased 5.66% over the previous year valued at USD109, 88 million. However, in terms of volume increased 8.46% from 18,845.70 tons in 2016 to 20,439.73 tons.

    Exports of snapper as much as 1,514.46 tons worth USD39.63 million US dollars during the year 2017, for volume increased 276.58% and the value increased 589.19%. This is because the previous year only shipped 402.1 tons worth USD5, 751 million.

    Besides Bali also exported live ornamental fish as much as 861 tail for USD1.755 during 2017, slumped to 70.65% and 68.37%, as the previous year exported 2,934 heads for USD5,549.

    Grouper exports amounted to USD26.32 million during 2017, an increase of 77.44% compared to 2016 which only generated USD14.83 million. For volume increased 176.22% of shipments of 2,254.46 tons in 2016 to 6,226.7 tons in 2017.

    Nener fish shipped 7.99 tonnes for $ 37,420 in 2016 and the export of that kind of trade is nil by 2017.

    “While exports of shrimp (lobster) as much as 13.24 tons worth USD439, 1077 during the year 2017. This decrease compared to the previous year recorded 57.62 tons worth USD1, 452 million,” he said.

    Exports of fish and marine products from Bali most penetrated China’s market to reach 29.48%, following the United States 26.12%, Japan 16.44%, Taiwan 8.07%, Hong Kong 5.87% and Australia 3.99% .

    It also reached the Singapore market at 1.55%, Thailand 0.78%, Germany 0.78%, France 0.68% and the remaining 6.29% to various other countries in the world. (yau)

    Sources: https://economy.okezone.com/read/2018/02/25/320/1864423/ekspor-hasil-perikanan-bali-capai-usd326-juta-naik-46-76
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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