• ALFI Asks the Government’s Seriousness Remove the Container’s Guarantee Money

    JAKARTA (Berita.Trans.com) – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) questioned the government’s seriousness to abolish container bills. Because until now 19 foreign voyages / agents continue to levy.

    It was affirmed Ketuf DPW ALFI DKI Widijanto accompanied sekum Adil Karim in talks talk with BeritaTrans.com, Monday (25/09/2017) in Jakarta.

    Widijanto said that ALFI has reported the case to the Minister of Transportation and even discussed at a meeting around August which was also attended by Director General of Sea Transportation Bay M Hasani.

    “We have also reported to the Task Force of the Acceleration and Effectiveness of the Economic Policy Package led by Menkumham last August to take firm action against shipping companies / agents who do not comply with the provisions. However, until now the deposit guarantee money continues, said Widijanto.

    The original container deposit removal policy is regulated through the Director General of Hubla No: Um 003/40 / II / DJPL -17 dated 19/5/2017. This policy has been included in the Governmental Policy Economic Package stage XV, June 15, 2017.

    Widijanto was amazed that the government policy that has been included in the Economic Policy Package is still considered to be a wind last by foreign voyages / agents.

    “If it remains not complied with foreign shipping / agents, ALFI plans to report the case to the president,” said Widijanto.

    Widijanto said the implementation of container bail by shipping companies / agents is very burdensome service users / importers.

    The reason, the refund of the container bail is up to 3 months and if we are late the money is burned. This is very burdensome because the money is settling long enough and disrupt the turnover of working capital.

    This will also affect the imported raw materials industry so that our production can not compete with overseas production. (wilam)

    Sources: http://beritatrans.com/2017/09/25/alfi-pertanyakan-keseriusan-pemerintah-hapus-uang-jaminan-kontainer/
    Translated by Aryputra Pande

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