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    European Market Lose, Bali Furniture and Handicraft Exports Come Down

    DENPASAR – Entrepreneur of Furniture and Handicraft Industry in Bali admitted that exports of goods abroad are currently declining following the sluggishness of the European market.

    Vice Chairman of Marketing of the Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry (Himki) Bali Krisna Pratama Astawa said 70% of entrepreneurs on the Island of Gods send their goods to the European Market.

    Thus, when the European market is sluggish then also impact on the decline in craft shipments to these countries.

    In fact, according to him, the decline in exports to Europe reached 50% of normal shipments.

    “For example the usual 1 buyer’s order 6 containers with me, currently only 3 or half,” he said, Thursday (7/12/2017).

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    Export Mandatory Use Local Boat Shipping Companies Greeted Happy

    Vice Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Logistics and Supply Chain Management Rico Rustombi (from left), Chairman Rosan P. Roeslani, and Vice Chairman of Transportation Carmelita Hartoto gave a presentation at the press conference of Indonesia Transport, Logistic & Maritime Week (ITLMW) Exhibition 2017 – JIBI / Felix Jody Kinarwan

    JAKARTA – The Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) considers the Ministry of Trade’s step to require the use of ships held by shipping companies to have a positive impact on the shipping industry and other related industries.

    To be recognized, the Ministry of Trade has released Regulation of the Minister of Trade (Permendag) no. 82 of 2017 on Terms of Use of Sea Transport and National Insurance for Export and Import of Certain Goods. This regulation requires the export of Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Coal and Rice using sea transport controlled by local companies and national insurance.

    Carmelita Hartoto, Chairman of DPP INSA said the regulation is a big leap to boost the performance of Indonesia’s trade services balance. During this time, sea transportation has always been in the spotlight because it is often one of the biggest contributor of Indonesia’s trade services trade deficit.

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    The Number of Freight Out of Bali Experienced Increase

    Documentation of Benoa Harbor Immediately Developed A number of ships were parked in the waters of Benoa Harbor, Denpasar, on Wednesday (11/1/2017). The port will be developed for capacity building from 2017 to 2020 with the construction of zoning for yachts, domestic, marinas, fish ports and containers. (ANTARA / Nyoman Budhiana)

    Denpasar  – Sea transport passengers from Bali to various destinations in Indonesia as many as 216,699 people during October 2017, decreased 27,985 people or 11.44 percent over the previous month recorded 244,684 passengers.

    “But for freight transport increased by 1,348 tons or 9.23 percent from 14,611 tons in September 2017 to 15,959 tons in October 2017,” said Head of Distribution Statistics of Bali Central Bureau of Statistics I Gede Nyoman Subadri in Denpasar, Monday.

    He said the departure of special passengers through the Port of Benoa, Denpasar during October 2017 as many as 85,930 people, an increase of 10,083 people or 24.72 percent compared to September 2017 which serves 75,857 passengers.

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    Logistic Transmission, Government Must Provide Infrastructure

    AFFA’s 27th Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA to get input and logistic improvements to each AFFA member countries (coup)

    Denpasar  – The price of Indonesian export goods can compete when the cost of shipping (logistics) optimally. In order to facilitate the logistics of export goods, the government is obliged to provide infrastructure.

    Chairman of the National Board of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) / ILFA, Yukki Nugrahawan on the sidelines of the 27th AFFA Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA Saturday (25/11) said the 27th AFFA Annual Meeting and Rapimpus to I ALFI / ILFA to get input and logistic improvements to each member country of AFFA.

    For in Indonesia through the meeting is scheduled to discuss issues of education, multimodal, including delivery (logistics). With good delivery, export goods from Indonesia can be reached in destination countries such as in the Asia region to secure convenient funds.

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    Garuda Indonesia Add Two Outlet Service Delivery Of Goods In Bali

    VP cargo commercial, Rene Van Joost (two left) when inaugurated CSC Citraland on Thursday (7/12). (BP / edi)

    DENPASAR, BALIPOST.com – To provide easy access to package delivery for service users, as well as to support the rapid growth of retail and e-commerce industry in Bali, Garuda Indonesia opened two Cargo Service Centers in Bali, CSC CitraLand and CSC RA Benoa, Thursday (7/12). Both CSCs are not fully managed by Garuda Indonesia Cargo, but through Joint Operations (KSO) with third parties.

    CSC CitraLand located at Jalan Mahendrata Utara, Ruko Waterpark Square, CitraLand, is managed by PT Berkat Subuh Transpor, while CSC RA Benoa is newly opened at Jalan Ikan Tuna III no. 1, managed by PT Dwi Upaya Sukses.

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    SIA & Air New Zealand Add Flight Route

    JAKARTA – Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand announced the launch of three daily flights with New Zealand-Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington routes starting from October 28, 2017.

    Singapore Airlines Senior Vice President of Marketing Planning, Tan Kai Ping, said Singapore Airlines (SIA) with Air New Zealand has benefited customers through more capacity, options, updated connections and codeshare collaboration destinations.

    “The newest flight to Auckland will increase the convenience for our customers and demonstrate our commitment to the market in New Zealand,” Tan Kai Ping said in a press release on Friday (8/12).

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    On Time Performance Garuda Indonesia Increases

    TANGERANG – PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. ensuring there is an increase in on time performance or OTP flight after the delay on Friday last week after the eruption of Mount Agung.

    President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Pahala N. Mansury said the company has made a revamping after the number of flight delays and caused the accumulation of passengers at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

    “The 2nd [December] OTP increased by nearly 60%, but as of 5 and 6 it has reached 90%, so we are grateful for our recovery in the future in providing services,” said Pahala at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Friday / 12).

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    Exporters Reluctant to Glance Benoa

    Benoa Harbor – Pelindo III, contains containers to be transit to Port of Tanjung Perak – Surabaya.

    DENPASAR-The export value of Bali products delivered through Benoa Port is increasingly shrinking, as exporters prefer to use ports outside the region.

    Citing BPS data Bali, in October total exports Bali worth US447, 69 million. Of that value, through Benoa Harbor only worth US $ 17.8 million or about 37.37% of total exports. Exports through port outside Bali reached US $ 29.8 million or 62.63% of total exports.

    “The largest portion of shipment is through East Java port of Tanjung Perak to 58.02% of the total export value, next through DKI Jakarta and Central Java,” explained Head of BPS Distribution Statistics Bali I Gede Nyoman Subadri, Tuesday (5/12/2017).

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    Airbus Got New Sales Commander

    Airbus A330neo – Reuters / Regis Duvignau

    JAKARTA – Airbus appointed Eric Schulz as EVP, Chief of Sales, Marketing & Contracts for the commercial aircraft business Airbus replaces John Leahy who has been in charge of aircraft sales since 1994.

    Through a press release received by Bisnis.com on Thursday (14/12), Schulz will join Airbus in late January 2018 and will be responsible directly to Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders.

    Airbus Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders said he was very excited about Eric Schulz joining the company. According to Tom, Eric Schulz has extensive experience in the field of international aerospace. He also has a deep understanding of airline operations and aircraft engines. Understandably, Schulz previously worked in Rolls-Royce with the post of President – Civil Aerospace since January 2016.

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    Government Will Build Airport in Pandeglang – Banten

    Plan the location of Pandeglang airport which is more commonly called Penimbang Airport

    SERANG – The government plans to build an airport in Pandeglang regency, Banten, to support the development of tourism in Tanjung Lesung.

    Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation Sugihardjo said it was conducting a study for the construction of the airport.

    “The development of tourist areas should be supported by transportation access, we are reviewing airport development in Pandeglang to support tourism in Tanjung Lesung,” he said at the State Islamic University of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin in Serang City, Banten, on Monday (4/12).

    He explained that Banten actually has a big airport, Soekarno-Hatta in Tangerang. However, the airport is prioritized for international purposes. In addition, the distance from Pandeglang is also quite far away.

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