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    Beauty of Eruption Gunung Agung

    BNPB Will ‘Sell’ Mount Agung Eruption as a Tour Package, It’s 3 Safe and Beautiful Points Seeing It


    AMLAPURA – National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) began to design the concept of beauty of eruption Gunung Agung for the benefit of Bali tourism.

    The new tourism concept that offers the beauty of Mount Agung eruption is intended for foreign tourists who come to the Island of the Gods.

    Deputy Prevention and Preparedness BNPB, Wisnu Widjaja, explained that the beauty of eruption was initiated in order to restore the condition of tourism in Bali.

    Known, lately a bit lethargic due to increased activity of Mount Agung.

    “The beauty of the mountain when the eruption is very good, and has a high selling value for tourism,” said Wisnu, Wednesday (18/10/2017), in Karangasem.

    The eruption of Mount Agung, according to Wisnu, is very good to be a tourist attraction or spectacle for tourists.

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    Garuda Indonesia Fly the Silangit-Singapore Route

    President Director of Garuda Indonesia Pahala N.Mansury (from left), Director General of Air Transportation of Kemenhub Agus Santoso, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, and Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi got off the plane, on the sidelines of the release of Garuda Boeing 747-400 in Hanggar 4 GMF Aero Asia, Tangerang, Banten

    JAKARTA – Along with the inauguration of Silangit Airport in North Tapanuli as an international airport, PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. officially opened the Silangit-Singapore route.

    President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Pahala N Mansury said the Silangit-Singapore flight will officially commence October 28, 2017.

    This flight uses the Bombardier CRJ 1000 aircraft with a capacity of 96 people.

    This is an effort of GIAA-coded airlines to support government efforts and commitments in developing the potential of Lake Toba as an international tourism destination.

    Not only that, the opening of this route is done because Garuda Indonesia wants to develop the aviation network and increase connectivity between regions with the potential of tourism and a promising economy. Moreover, direct flight access from Singapore is known as one of the busiest economic centers in Southeast Asia.

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    ALFI Urges Evaluation of All Tariffs of Port of Priok Services

    Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta –

    JAKARTA – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) urges the improvement and evaluation of the service tariff structure at Tanjung Priok Port.

    The evaluation is for the services of the port of Priok to refer to Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No: 72/2017 on the type, structure, class and mechanism of port service tariff determination signed by MoT Budi Karya Sumadi on August 11, 2017.

    General Secretary of DPW ALFI DKI Jakarta, Adil Karim said that the improvement and evaluation of tariff in Priok port become the authority of the local Port Authority.

    “ALFI urges OP Priok to be able to initiate the evaluation of port service tariff in Priok.” There should be a refresher and review because the existing tariff structures and mechanisms do not create cost-efficiency logistics services through Priok port, “he told Bisnis.com Wednesday (18 / 10/2017).

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    Increase of Aviation Tariff, INACA Appreciation of Ministry of Transportation

    The aircraft took off at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali.

    JAKARTA – The Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (INACA) has appreciated the Ministry of Transportation’s step to increase the scheduled scheduled commercial airline fare rate from 30% to 40% of the upper limit rate.

    “We are grateful that INACA’s proposal for the increase is approved by Kemenhub,” said Head of Scheduled Aviation Division of INACA Bayu Sutanto to Bisnis on Monday (16/10/2017).

    He said INACA had indeed proposed to Kemenhub to raise tariffs on scheduled commercial aviation and approved for 15 solid routes.

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    Express Delivery, Air Cargo Letter Became Expense

    JAKARTA – The air cargo letter (SMU) is still the largest cost component for the express delivery business.

    Managing Director of PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat (Tiki) Tomy Sofhian said that in the goods delivery cycle from the starting point to the end there are nodes that incur costs such as courier fees, sorting, high school, until delivery.

    SMU is necessary because in the express delivery business that requires speed, air transport is always the main choice.

    “SMU is one of the biggest cost contributors, because at every point there is cost and the biggest one is in the center [the airport],” he said on Sunday (15/10/2017.

    Therefore, in order to more cost efficient Tiki boost the volume of goods delivery. The reason, the air cargo price depends on the volume. The bigger the volume then the cheaper the price.

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    Special Report: Mount Agung And Mysterious Character Different With Other Mounts

    By: Devy Kamil Syahbana, Head of Mitigation Sub-Division for East Volcano Fire Monitoring PVMBG

    Generally volcanoes in Indonesia mimiliki different characters and has its own uniqueness. So it is with Mount Agung.

    Even from the view of some volcanologists, Mount Agung is a mysterious mountain because there is no detailed documentation describing how the phase of Mount Agung before erupting.

    When the last eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 ago, there is no tool that can give us an idea of ​​how the character or phase of Mount Agung before the eruption. The volcanologists then came to Bali when Mount Agung had erupted.

    They conducted interviews on residents and mapping the impact of eruptions.
    So the status of Beware of Mount Agung this year is historic and important for volcanologists to study the character of Mount Agung.

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    Ministry of Transportation can Save Rp 1 Trillion from KSP Port & Airport

    JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation estimates that it can save the state budget up to Rp 1 trillion from the management cooperation (KSP) of ports and airports.

    Cooperation with the use of the scheme of utilization of state property and operational cooperation does not make the fixed assets owned by the state.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said it has invited a number of interested investors to participate in the management of airports and ports.

    This year, Kemenhub targets 20 ports and 11 airports can be managed by third parties.

    “There is no asset sale or transfer of state assets in the cooperation, all assets remain state-controlled,” said Budi Karya through written statement on Friday (13/10/2017).

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    Garuda Indonesia Achieves Five Star Predicate from APEX

    The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), a non-profit association for enhanced passenger flight experience based in New York, United States, named Garuda Indonesia a five-star (5-Star Airlines) airline. The award ceremony was held at the ceremonial event of APEX Award Ceremony Expo 2017 held in Long Beach, California, some time ago.

    At the awards ceremony, Garuda Indonesia was selected as one of 22 global airlines announced as Five Star Recipients of the 2018 Official Airline Ratings, the first flight rating program based on verified and certified passenger feedback.

    In addition to the ratings from APEX, Garuda Indonesia has also earned the title as “The World’s 5-Star Airline” from Skytrax, an independent flight rating agency based in London, since December 2014.

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    There is Inaportnet, Minister of Transportation Hope Port Operation 24/7

    Loading and unloading the container at Tanjung Priok port, Jakarta, Friday (9/29/2017). – JIBI / Abdullah Azzam

    JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation expects port activities can last for 24 hours in 7 days along with the operation of Inaportnet in 16 ports throughout Indonesia.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said Inaportnet application can unite all stakeholders. These conditions can make the savings both in terms of time and human resources.

    “As in Priok, not knowing when it can happen, I ask Saturday – Sunday to enter. No more Saturday-Sunday is a holiday. Well, we again assign the Priok team and [together] Customs to invent what to do with the INSW [Indonesia National Single Window], Inaportnet the necessity to do IT sophisticated and open 7 days in a week even 24 hours it can happen, ” he said.

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    Information Technology Help Tap Logistics Costs

    Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara when talking to Indonesia Japan Digital Nexicorn Meet Up, in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/9). – JIBI / Dedi Gunawan

    JAKARTA-Information technology can be used to reduce the high cost of logistics in Indonesia.

    Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said, Indonesia’s logistics performance declined in recent years. This is due to inefficient delivery of goods.

    However, as the development of technology emerges disintermediary trends or the loss of intermediaries between the logistics nodes. This is driven by technology utilization.

    “Intermediaries are lost and prices can be cheaper, so digital technology can be an enabler for the logistics world,” he said as a speaker at Transportation, Logistic and Maritime Expo 2017 in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017).

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