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    Flyer, Flyer, Pants on Fire

    Garuda Indonesia’s Explanations Blaming Flight Delays On Mount Agung Eruption Rejected by Both Consumer Agency and Pilots


    The chairman of the Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI), Tulus Abadi, is pointedly calling into question statements made by the national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia blaming flight schedule delays on the eruption of Mount Agung.

    As reported by Kompas.com, Tulus pointedly questioned why only Garuda experienced delays blamed on Mount Agung while other airlines managed to keep their schedules. Speaking on December 2, 2017, Abadi said: “The eruption of Mount Agung cited as a reason by the Airline (for delays) means there should have been massive delays from four or five days earlier when Lombok and Denpasar airports were closed. But, in fact, Garuda’s schedules were fine during that period.”

    Meanwhile, Kompas.com received information from a number of Garuda pilots discrediting the official explanation that delays were due to the eruption of Mount Agung. The pilots blamed the delays on internal changes at the airline being implemented in the computerized scheduling of crews and aircraft, and shortcomings and failures in the new scheduling program.

    One unnamed pilot was quoted saying: “The pilots are here; the planes aren’t. But the management is blaming Mount Agung? They don’t want to be truthful and blame the system.”

    A senior public relations manager at Garuda decline comment when approach by Kompas to comment on the period when almost all flights operated by the airline were delayed between 1 and 4 hours.

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    Bali Weekend Warrior: 5 cool things to do on the island this weekend (Dec. 15-17)

    A winning photo from the last Nusa Dua Light Festival’s selfie contest. Photo: IG @chef.ayukawaii

    BUKIT: Party in Uluwatu’s newest, hottest panoramic space

    Bushwacka! @ Ulu Cliffhouse

    Head on down to the Bukit’s newly opened Ulu Cliffhosue for a pre-Christmas party that will be as lit as Rudolph’s red nose. The free event will feature special guest Bushwacka! who you may know from the acid house explosion of the 80s from the duo Layo & Bushwacka! After checking out Ulu Cliffhouse’s grand-opening party, we can say the cliff-stop space is stunning and the cocktails are delicious.When: Saturday, Dec. 16, 12pm-10pm

    Where: Ulu Cliffhouse, Jl. Raya Uluwatu Pecatu
    Entry is free, but limited daybeds can be reserved in advance (min. spend IDR 2 million; US$147)

    CANGGU: Boutique beach party in the Gu

    La Brisa party

    La Brisa x Basement Love Presents: Cast Away vol 01

    The extremely photogenic Echo Beach hot spot, La Brisa, is launching off the first in a series of boutique beach parties in collaboration with Basement Love, a new Bali music and events collective. Disco balls, DJs, bespoke cocktails, and fun seaside vibes—what more do you need for a Saturday night in Bali?

    When: Saturday, Dec. 16, 8pm to 3am
    Where: La Brisa, Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan
    Free entry

    SEMINYAK: After dark fun at Potato Head

    Night Moves Potato Head

    Night Moves feat. Max & Crown

    You may know Potato Head for its sizable beach-front space, but ever head there for Night Moves, the club’s intimate bar setting? It’s a totally different vibe. This weekend will feature M.A.X. and CROWN, Paul T, and Joey Fitzgerald behind the decks.

    When: Saturday, Dec. 16, from 8pm
    Where: Potato Head Beach Club
    Free entry

    NUSA DUA: Get festive, Bali-style and gaze at ‘jungle lanterns’

    Nusa Dua Light Festival “The Jungle”

    Catch the festival for the three weeks it’s up to see jungle-themed lanterns in the beachy  Nusa Dua area, with a bit of a Jurassic Park twist. Live music, food, and beverage will be on offer. You can also take a hot air balloon ride, if you feel up to it.

    When: Friday, Dec. 8 to Sunday, Jan. 14, open 3pm-10pm
    Where: Peninsula Island, ITDC

    LEGIAN: Pool party at Padma

    Where’s my mojito? At Azul Beach Club

    The rain’s have been fickle this season, but the pool party’s on at the beautiful bamboo-styled Azul this weekend. Swim, splash, dance, and kick back some tropical rum. Sunday’s are more for than just brunching.

    When: Sunday, Dec. 17, 2pm-6pm
    Where: Azul Beach Club, Padma Beach
    Free entry

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/lifestyle/bali-weekend-warrior-5-cool-things-island-weekend-dec-15-17/
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    Weak End to a Very Strong Start


    While the Indonesian Government has targeted 15 million foreign tourist visitors for 2017, the total number of visitors counted through the end of October stood at only 11.6 million.

    As reported by JawaPos.com, performance to date left Indonesia with only two months to secure the needed 3.4 million foreign tourists to achieve targeted arrival totals.

    Meanwhile, arrivals in Bali made problematic by the increased volcanic activity of Mount Agung that is blamed for arrivals nation-wide in October declining 4.54% when compared to just one month before. In November, the problems visited upon Indonesian tourism by Mount Agung worsened as volcanic dust from the Bali volcano caused a two-day closure of the Island’s Airport and numerous flight cancellations.

    The head of the National Statistics Bureau (BPS), Suhariyanto, said he hoped the disasters happening at Mount Agung would not last through the end of December, saying he feared the 15 million foreign tourist total would not be realized.

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    Bali police investigate deaths of two students who drowned on class waterfall trek

    Police in Bali are investigating the drowning of two female students who died on Monday at a trek to a waterfall in Buleleng, North Bali.

    Seven classmates of the deceased students from SMK Kesehatan Widharba and three chaperone teachers have been questioned related to Monday’s incident, Bali Post reports. Under the Indonesian education system, SMK is a vocational or pre-professional high school.

    Following witness accounts, police say they have not yet concluded who to hold responsible for the deaths of Luh Devi Cahyani, 17, from Pegadungan Village, Buleleng and Kadek Dwi Asmarani, 16, from Tukad Sumaga Village, Buleleng.

    Buleleng Police subdivision chief Nyoman Suartika said that the trek to the waterfall in Barak Sambangan Village had been organized under student initiative. Students decided on the trek and arranged to get three teacher companions for the 21 students on the trip.

    Police do say, however, that teachers had instructed students which spots at the waterfall were too deep.

    “The chaperone teachers gave directions about the location of where to swim, so as not to reach a certain depth limit that had previously been measured by the teachers,” Suartika said on Tuesday.

    “So, we believe that the students trekking were less alert and did not follow the instructions given by their accompanying teachers,” he said.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/police-investigate-deaths-two-students-drowned-class-waterfall-trek/
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    Mounting Losses

    Tourism Minister Blames Mount Agung for Rp. 9 trillion in Foreign Exchange Losses


    The State News Agency Antara quotes Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism Arief Yahya who has calculated that Indonesia lost around Rp. 9 trillion in foreign exchange earnings because of lost business caused by the Mount Agung volcano in Bali.

    Speaking at the launch of a new metropolitan helicopter service in Jakarta, Yahya extrapolated that the 15,000 tourists he estimates cancelled their holidays in Bali would have spent a total Rp. 250 billion per day. Adding: “Hence, count for yourself how many days since the incident occurred (late November) until Dec 31, it is about 36 days and when multiplied by Rp250 billion, the figure reaches about Rp9 trillion that we will lose in foreign exchange.”

    The Minister also lamented that the national target of 15 million foreign tourists for 2017 would not be achieved because of the volcano. The final total is expected to be closer to 14 million by the end of the year.

    Related Article

    Weak End to a Very Strong Start

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    Bali politician, ex-vice DPRD chairman, made to reenact drug dealing scenes as part of police investigation

    Jero Komang Gede Swastika, also known as Mang Jangol, has been removed from Indoneisa’s Gerindra political party following a drug dealing scandal. Photo via baliprov.go.id

    The former Balinese politician who got kicked out of his party, Gerindra, for allegedly dealing drugs out of his house then went on the run to temporarily evade an inevitable arrest, was made to reenact drug dealing scenes as part of a police investigation.

    Former vice chairman of the Bali Province Regional Legislative Council (DPRD), Jro Gede Komang Swastika, alias Mang Mangol, had to participate in 64 scenes with seven other witnesses on Monday that police reconstructed based on findings from their investigation so far.

    “So, starting at 10:30am, until 1pm, we carried out the reconstruction, including eight suspects,” said Denpasar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Chief Wayan Arta Ariawan, as quoted by Detik.

    The scene reconstructions, attended by the district attorney and the suspects’ legal counsel, were mostly done at Swastika’s home in Denpasar on Jl. Pulau Batanta, says the police unit chief.

    “Altogether, there were 64 scenes, related to each suspect’s role and also additional activities conducted by suspects outside of the main scene,” Ariawan explained.

    The scenes featured a raid on Jangol’s home on Nov. 4, when police first tried to arrest the politician, but he got away.

    “Based on the statement from the suspect, he admits he was home during the search,” Ariawan said.

    It’s alleged that Jangol dealt drugs out of his home, primarily meth, and that he had five rooms in the house that could be used for dealing to his customers.

    Some of the other suspects in this case include Jangol’s older brother, Wayan Kembar, along with one of his three wives, Dewi Ratna. 

    Under Indonesia’s strict anti-narcotics laws, Jangol will face charges carrying life imprisonment or the maximum penalty of death, according to local reports. Not helping his case is that he evaded arrest for nine days after the raid on his house, when he was finally found hiding out in a cowshed in Gianyar, Bali on Nov. 13.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/bali-politician-ex-vice-dprd-chairman-made-reenact-drug-dealing-scenes/
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    The Run Around at the Roundabout

    Police and Construction Teams Recommend Detours and Alternate Routes for Traffic Near Bali’s Airport During Underpass Construction


    Work has begun on the new underpass located near the entrance to Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport slated for completion before a major International Monetary Fund – World Bank Conference slated for Bali in October 2018.

    NusaBali reports that major changes in traffic flows in areas surrounding the airport are now in place to permit construction to move ahead.

    A road building official said the following changes have been carefully coordinated with the Bali police:

    • Vehicle traveling from the Bali Airport to Nusa Dua or the Bali Mandara Toll Road are now being diverted to the Dewa Ruci Monument in Kuta accessing the toll road from the Benoa entrance.
    • Vehicles coming from Denpasar and Sanur and destined for the Airport are recommended to travel via the Toll Road  from the Benoa entrance and entering the Airport via the Ngurah Rai Roundabout.
    • Vehicles leaving the airport and headed for Kuta or Denpasar are recommended to take alternative routes using Jalan Raya Tuban connecting to Jalan Iman Bonjol in order to access Denpasar from the Iman Bonjol intersection.

    Further alternative routes to ease traffic congestion are in the process of being devised.

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    Volcanic eruptions no match for cockfighting, Bali-style

    This picture taken on December 1, 2017 shows men gathering at a clandestine site where birds battle each other — usually to the death — in a gory spectacle known as tajen that meshes bloodsport with ancient Balinese traditions, in Karangasem, Bali. A volcano may be rumbling off in the distance, but for a group of Balinese men and their fighting roosters it’s the roar of the crowd that says the show must go on. Photo: Juni Kriswanto/AFP

    By Bagus Saragih

    A volcano may be rumbling off in the distance, but for a group of Balinese men and their fighting roosters it’s the roar of the crowd that says the show must go on.

    Far off the Indonesian resort island’s tourist trail, heavily-tattooed men gather at a clandestine site where birds battle each other — usually to the death —  in a gory spectacle known as tajen that meshes bloodsport with ancient Balinese Hindu traditions.

    About 100 male spectators gather on bamboo benches around a dirt ring as two roosters pulled from wicker baskets lunge at each other even before the match starts.

    The two owners exchange birds to check weight and temperament, a show of sportsmanship to make sure they’re evenly matched.

    “If the owners of both fighters reach a deal and say ‘okay, let’s fight’, then the roosters fight,” said I Made Gunawan, whose rooster was fighting that day.

    A small dagger about 10 centimeters (four inches) long is tied to each rooster’s left ankle.

    The heady smell of incense wafts over the ring as a roar erupts from the crowd. Bets are placed, usually between IDR20,000 (US$1.50) and IDR100,000(US$7.50) each, with most events lasting 15 fights.

    ‘Good fighters’

    The roosters are set loose and feathers fly in an explosion of jumping and pecking that sets the already excited crowd into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

    The match goes the distance — three rounds over eight minutes — until the referee calls it a draw. Both roosters, weak and wounded, are unable to keep fighting.

    The ankle blades usually make it a fight to the death in a matter of minutes, punctuated by trails of blood seeping into the dirt.

    The winner’s owner not only gets bragging rights and some of the betting proceeds — usually 10 percent of the purse which can reach US$2,000 — but they also get the carcass of their opponent’s rooster, for eating.

    “My fighter lost today — it won the last time,” said Sudira as he helplessly watched his dying rooster be slaughtered to make dinner.

    It’s a short career for surviving roosters, who are retired after just a few matches.

    “They’re then used to breed with hens,” said Kadek Rudi, whose best fighter was recovering from severe belly wounds.

    “The offspring will also be good fighters like their father.”

    The fight took place not far from Mount Agung, which recently burst to life again, sparking mass evacuations and leaving tourists stranded after the main airport was temporarily shuttered.

    Despite the dangers, leaving his roosters alone in Pring Sari, a tiny community less than eight kilometers from the belching crater, was not an option for Wayan Kompyang.

    “I have to keep taking care of them to make sure they are healthy and ready to fight after this situation calms down,” he said.

    ‘Spilling of blood’

    Gambling is illegal in Indonesia, where it could land these man in jail for as much as a decade. In conservative Aceh province gamblers can face a public whipping under Islamic law.

    Cockfighting — the sole source of income for some Balinese men — cuts a sharp contrast with tranquil images of the island as a palm-fringed paradise.

    But it dovetails with centuries-old traditions of Balinese Hinduism in the mostly-Muslim archipelago.

    “Tajen (cockfighting) is closely related to a ritual known as ‘tabuh rah’ held at temples,” said Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, a cultural studies lecturer at Bali’s Udayana University.

    “The spilling of blood to the earth is needed to expel ‘buta’ or demons, because their blood is believed to appease demons so they don’t disturb people and so the ceremony can be held successfully and safely,” she said.

    “But it eventually shifted to become entertainment.”

    Training roosters isn’t for everyone, however, even those who have a stomach for violence.

    “Taking care of the roosters isn’t easy — they have special food and you need to know how to treat the animals,” Gelgel said.

    “It’s not as simple as having a good fighter that wins a lot so you can get rich. There is lot more involved.”

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/volcanic-eruptions-no-match-cockfighting-bali-style/
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    Laid Low by a High Mountain

    Tanah Lot and Ulun Beratan Temple Suffering Visitor Downturns Due to Mount Agung Eruption


    In connection with the continuing eruption of Mount Agung and the temporary closure of Bali’s Airport, tourist attractions in the Tabanan Regency of West Bali are recording dramatic declines in visitor totals.

    NusaBali reports that the iconic seaside Tanah Lot Temple and Ulun Beratan Temple at Candikunung are experiencing a sudden and significant dearth of visitors.

    Tanah Lot visitor totals are down 30%. While during “normal times” an average of 8,000 domestic and international tourists come to see and photograph the temple standing in the ocean a short distance from the shoreline, current counts are now closer to 5,000 daily visitors. When NusaBali visited Tanah Lot on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, it reported a markedly quieter atmosphere and a parking lot part empty.

    The Manager of Tanah Lot, I Wayan Toya Adnyana, lamented the downturn in visitors, blaming the continuing eruption of Mount Agung and the temporary closure of Bali’s airport for the visitor drop.

    To try to build visitor numbers during the current situation, Tanah Lot’s managers are launching campaigns on social media and travel partners assuring the public that Bali remains safe for visitors. Work on improvements and repairs on the surrounding infrastructure continue at the popular destination for tourist visitors.

    Meanwhile, the Ulun Danu Beratan tourist area in Bali’s mountain lake district has also experienced a drop in visitors linked to the continuing active state of Mount Agung. Visitor tickets sold have declined from a normal 2,000 coupons daily to only 800 coupons per day. The manager of Ulun Danu Beratan, I Wayan Mustika, complained: “It’s very quiet. Visitor numbers are down 60%.”

    Given the current situation, the managements of both destinations are hesitant to predict visitor numbers during the coming Christmas and New Year holiday period, usually a peak period for visitors.

    With the reopening of Bali’s airport on Wednesday, November 29th after a two day closure, both Tanah Lot and Ulun Danu Beratan have commenced promotion programs emphasizing their locations are far-removed from any areas designated as under threat should a significant eruption of Mount Agung actually occur.

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