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    Rudimentary gates made of bamboo have been installed on four approaches to Mount Agung at Menanga, Batusesa, Suukan and the Teges intersection in order to control access to the officially declared “danger zones” by evacuees seeking to maintain their homes, farmlands, and animals left behind when they evacuated to temporary camps in safer locales. While local residents are allowed limited access to the danger zones, tourists are turned away at the checkpoint.

    As reported by Balipost.com, a member of the Besakih Agung Temple Supervisory Group, Jro Gede Pande Sudarta, said on Monday, October 16, 2017, said the checkpoints staffed by guards has been undertaken under government coordination commencing several days earlier.

    Those wishing to enter the danger zone are required to register their personal data and state their business before being allowed a brief visit.

    Sudarta explained: “For local people from Besakih there is no limitation to activities. People not from Besakih wishing to enter the danger zone must declare their business and provide personal data at the checkpoints. For those wishing to pray at the Besakih Temple, our officials will accompany them on their visit. But such visits must be for a very limited duration. Meanwhile, those wishing to make tourist visits are refused entry to the Besakih Temple area. This is being done on an anticipatory basis. Who knows when Mount Agung will erupt?”

    Sudarta also explained that the four checkpoints were also put in place to safeguard the priceless religious regalia and paraphernalia stored at the massive temple complex.

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