• Schapelle Corby sings about ‘Palm Trees’ on Instagram in first ‘single’

    Schapelle Corby sings about being in Queensland in her new “single” on Instagram.

    Schapelle Corby seems to be making the most of her time in Australia, out of Bali and finally free from the Indonesian corrections system.

    The convicted drug smuggler posted a pretty cringeworthy single to Instagram on Monday called Palm Trees.

    A repost from singer-songwriter Nat Zelney, the Instagram post features clips of Corby awkwardly singing and posing in Queensland, “where it’s sunny.”

    As some people have said in the Instagram post’s comments, it’s honestly pretty difficult to tell whether Corby is trying to seriously pursue music or if she’s just joking around, though Zelney’s caption says she wrote it in Cairns “for a bit of a laugh” so we’d imagine it’s the latter. 

    They certainly got a laugh out of us…

    Corby has been in Australia since May after being deported from Indonesia, upon completing her parole.

    Since landing back in Oz, Corby has become something of an Instagram sensation, where she now has 193k followers. The 40-year-old posts quite regularly, here she is with Santa:

    While every Australian seems to unequivocally know Corby’s case, for those non-Aussies out there, Corby was arrested in Bali back in 2004 with 4.2 kilograms of cannabis in her boogie board bag.

    Corby has consistently maintained her innocence, insisting that the drugs were planted, despite being sentenced in 2005 for 20 years—a penalty that was later cut after standard remissions and an appeal to the president. After nine years behind bars, Corby was released on parole in early 2014, but had to stay in Bali for the length of her parole, which wrapped up in May 2017.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/schapelle-corby-sings-palm-trees-instagram-first-single/
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