• Satellite Mayhem


    ATM machines at a number of major banks in Bali have been confronting technical difficulties since Friday, August 28, 2017.


    A large number of ATMs, including 5,700 operated by Bank Central Asia (BCA), have been taken offline.


    As reported by NusaBali, officials estimate it will take as much as two to three weeks to make complete repairs to all the estimated 5,700 ATMs nationwide affected by the outage blamed on connectivity issues with the Telkom-1 satellite. Efforts are underway to move the ATMs to Telko-3S and Apsar Satellites.

    Many ATMs have reportedly been returned to full service in as little as three days.


    BCA has denied “hoax” reports on social media suggesting that 70% of BCA’s ATMs were inoperable, explaining that only 30% or 5,700 machines were initially forced offline by the satellite failure.
    BCA is working on a compensation plan for their customers inconvenienced by the technical breakdown. The bank says it will refund bank charges incurred by using ATMs operated by competing banks.


    ATMs operated by BNI, Bank Mandiri, and BTN have also been interrupted in part by the satellite breakdown.


    In response, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Bank BNI) has mobilized mobile banking units at several locations in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

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