• PVMBG: If it erupts, Mount Agung’s ‘Mount’ eruption will be extraordinary, earthquake will be felt long enough

    The peak of Mount Agung covered by white clouds, Saturday (30/09/2017)

    AMLAPURA – Until Sunday (01/10/2017), Gunung Agung activity is still stated level IV watch out. It means Mount Agung is in critical condition.

    To the Bali Tribun, Head of Volcano Mitigation PVMBG Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, I Gede Suantika explained, until now the seismic is still fluctuating.

    “The earthquake already, the size of the deformation lab still shows the fattening. Then, soflatara smoke has not been seen. But lastly, its development does change from 13 September to the present day, “explained Suantika, Sunday (01/10/2017).

    If the mirror in the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963, Suantika said when the earthquake was felt during the last three days before it finally erupted. However, the current condition of Mount Agung, the quake has been felt almost 15 days. “That may be the difference,” said Suantika.

    In addition to the eruption in 1963, there was a magnitude 4.7 earthquake, to date the largest earthquake only magnitude 4.2 SR. Suantika explains, he predicts the pressure of magma to this day is still, but the strength of the rock on the surface is getting weaker. “That’s what we’re worried about,” said Suantika.
    He explained, if the current Mount Agung erupted then the earthquakes will be more dominant than when the 1963 eruption.

    “Indeed, the conditions are different than the 1963 eruption. If Mount Agung erupts later, the precursors will certainly be more here. The precursor marks the eruption of earthquakes seemed long enough. Strange enough too, “explained Suantika.

    “Maybe later if the initial eruption is the same. Although the same, Mount Agung did not erupt long ago. Once the opening eruption allows there to throw sandy rocks as far as 6 km radial. Predicted to be amazing, “.

    Bungaya Kangin Officially Into Disaster Prone Area of ​​Mount Agung Eruption

    Karangasem regency government re-released the area that entered the disaster-prone areas eruption of Mount Agung. From 78 villages / kelurahan in Karangasem, 28 villages or sub-districts are declared to enter disaster prone areas.

    Bali Governor, I Made Mangku Pastika explained, the affected area if the eruption of Mount Agung increased one more village, namely, Bungaya Kangin Village, District Bebandem, Karangasem.

    “The village of Bungaya Kangin entered a vulnerable area,” said Pastika, Sunday (01/10/2017).
    To note, 28 villages that enter disaster prone areas spread in 6 subdistricts.

    In Sub Kubu there are Tulamben, Kubu, Dukuh, Baturinggit, Sukadana, Ban, and Tianyar villages.

    Abang Subdistrict, Upper Pidpid Village, Nawakerti, Kesimpar, Datah, and Ababi.

    Karangasem Subdistrict is Subagan Sub-district besides Adat Village of Jasri, Padang Kerta Sub-district except Desa Adat Peladung and Adat Temaga Village, and Karangasem Subdistrict is adjacent to Tukad (river) Janga.

    Bebandem District is Buana Giri Village, Budekeling near fire embah river, upper Bebandem, Jungutan Village, and Bungaya Kangin Village.

    Rendang Sub-district is Besakih Village, the upper Pempatan Village, and the upper Menanga Village like Pemuteran and surrounding areas.

    For the Selat Sub-district, there are 5 villages, namely Duda Utara Village, Amerta Bhuana Village, Sebudi Village, Peringsari Village, such as shabby and Padang Aji, and Muncan Village as the top of the sperti and how many banjars in the surrounding area.

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/10/01/pvmbg-jika-meletus-letusan-pembuka-gunung-agung-akan-luar-biasa-gempa-akan-terasa-cukup-lama?page=all
    Translated by Aryputra PandeBIC

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