• PVMBG Called Out the White Smoke from Mount Agung It’s Good, Here’s the Explanation!

    AMLAPURA – The exit of gas and white smoke from Mount Agung is actually a good thing.

    Because the actual gas that accumulates too much in the stomach of Mount Agung, the energy that comes out can be very large.

    With the smoke coming out to 1,500 meters, it is actually good to reduce the pressure inside Mount Agung.

    We just wish it was often that come out like that.

    In order to accumulate the pressure below it decreases and decreases.

    So that later this magma, it is the gas that moves the magma.

    If for example this gas is released, it will not be at once or smaller. That’s good.

    For example there are outgoing ones that are good.

    With that the pressure is reduced. We do not want eruptions, and even if the eruption does not get too explosive.

    Because the gas is out.

    Well if the gas pressure is up, this magma will be crystallized if the gas runs out.

    He was the one who was rather tolerable his viscosity could move frozen.

    Crystallized means the thicker, thicker, thicker and ultimately frozen.

    If the pressure runs out. We can not say now the gas pressure is exhausted, the evidence is still a lot of earthquakes.

    Surely there is supply from below.

    There are some who come out but there are still in.

    All we have to do is not from the kegempaannya only.

    From the aspects of deformation, visual, bio-chemistry, and all aspects we make consideration.

    Every day out of smoke, that’s good. If it goes on it is good.

    That will increase the chance to reduce the gas levels in the magma of the great mountain.

    But up to this point from our deformation equipment it still shows that more incoming than out.

    The proof there is still a bubble trend.

    But we hope this pressure can ultimately continue to be released through the exit of smoke.

    This outgoing white smoke is the result of high pressure from the magmatic gas.

    This magmatic gas is hot. To escape from the bottom up, he interacts with the water around in the belly of Mount Agung.

    When the heat interacts with the water he will turn the color white.

    So if for example the magmatic gas is colorless and odorless. Why is it white?

    Because when it rises, the gas interacts with water.

    It had deflated for four hours after the 1500 smoke escape.

    Well after deflating, rise again bubbles.

    But his deflection has not been in the normal position.

    If to the normal position, we do not have to worry anymore.

    When all the tools have declared normal it is safe.

    But now the seismicity is still fluctuating at a high level.

    Earthquake does not feel?

    Once the earthquake is still large.

    At that time the earthquake was still trying to open or destroy large buildings in the body of Mount Agung.

    The earthquake is still trying to open the way out.

    So big earthquake.

    It may now be open.

    Finally now live destroy small buildings.

    Hence the earthquake that appears tend to be small.

    But the big earthquake yesterday was a lot of local tectonics, now still under 50s.

    But the shallow volcanic earthquake is a lot.

    Since the status has been increased to alert, we have never experienced a period where the quake was below 600. The average is all above 600.

    Even before the smoke came out, when combined between the volcanic earthquake and the tectonics of more than a thousand.

    This indication there is additional pressure.

    But because the pressure is not enough to break the lava plug finally not coming out, because gas is easier to find a way out. (*)

    News Analysis: Kasubid Mitigasi Gunungapi, PVMBG, KESDM, Devy Kemal Syahbana

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/10/10/pvmbg-sebut-keluarnya-asap-putih-dari-gunung-agung-sebetulnya-bagus-begini-penjelasannya?page=all
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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