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    Disaster Management Expert Says Temporary Camps Overflowing Due to People Not Under Threat from Mt. Agung Fleeing their Homes


    The number of people evacuated from their homes in Bali in anticipation of a possible explosion of Mt. Agung has skyrocketed to 134,229 based on estimates reported by the Emergency Command Post for Mount Agung, as reported by Balipost.com.

    The refugee count is current as of 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 28, 2017, and represents a dramatic jump from the previous count of 64,000 refugees announced by the Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

    In response, the deputy in charge of prevention and estimates for the BNPB, Wisnu Wijaya, has rejected the higher figure saying, “They (the number of evacuees) makes no sense.”

    The variance of opinion on the actual number of refugees from Mt. Agung emerged at an emergency preparedness meeting held at the Command Post in the Port Building at Tanah Ampo on Thursday evening, September 28, 2017. The sudden increase in the number of refugees is blamed on a misunderstanding of the danger posed by Mount Agung on the specific areas under threat. As a result, people living outside the areas officially considered to be “under threat” have also joined the exodus of evacuees.

    Wisnu Wijaya warned: “If the number of evacuees continues to increase, it will be chaos. The increasing number of refugees makes no sense.”

    Wijaya is concerned that if the number living in temporary camps continues to grow, the government will have problems organizing logistical support for these people. For this reason, information must be urgently provided to all the camps explaining what areas are under threat from the volcano and which are not. He urged that people coming from areas not in direct danger from the volcano must be urged to return to their homes.

    He blamed the current situation on a failure by the government to adequately socialize needed information about the volcano to people living in north and northwest Bali.

    Meanwhile, the current breakdown from the BNPB says 134,229 people have evacuated their homes, to camps in the following locations:

    • Badung Regency – 15 locations for 5,879 people.
    • Bangli Regency – 30 locations for 6,158 people.
    • Buleleng Regency – 26 locations for 16,901 people
    • Denpasar – 51 locations for 11,036 people
    • Gianyar Regency – 16 locations for 12,084 people
    • Jembrana Regency – 29 locations for 420 people
    • Karangasem Regency – 122 locations for 49,575 people
    • Klungkung Regency – 173 locations for 27,395 people
    • Tabanan Regency – 26 locations for 4,851 people

    Investigations show that some people staying in the camps have come from areas not in danger from the volcano. In some instances, people from the City of Amlapura are now staying in the camps when, in fact, Amlapura is under no threat from the volcano.

    Officials say many local residents cannot decipher or understand the “danger zones” laid out on official maps vis-à-vis the location of their home.

    Despite the booming total number of people seeking shelter in the camps, officials say sufficient logistical supplies are in place for at least the coming month.

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