• No more of this life of sin: Bali prison fugitive claims to ‘retire’ from crime

    The latest profile picture for the account that’s now titled “Shaun Rageone Davidson.”

    Escaped Bali fugitive Shaun Davidson apparently has no more time for his life of crime. 

    A person purporting to be the 33-year-old Australian fugitive who broke out of Bali’s infamous Kerobokan Prison this past June told Australia’s News Corporation in a supposed exclusive interview that he’s “retired” from criminal antics and he wouldn’t “resist arrest” were law enforcement to finally find him.

    “I just want to live the rest of my life happily I’ve retired and arnt (sic) doing anything that affects anyone else badly I’m living a normal life in a new place and am happy doing so,” News Corp quoted Davidson as saying.

    Since tunneling under the Bali prison walls and fleeing Kerobokan on June 19, Davidson has become a social media sensation, with a Facebook fan page being created in his honor, as he allegedly used the profile “Matthew Rageone Ridler” to taunt authorities.

    Trying to access both the fan page and the profile on Thursday afternoon, it appears the fan page may be defunct and the ‘Matthew Rageone Ridler’ account reads ‘Shaun Rageone Davidson’ now, begging the question of whether Davidson, or the person claiming to be him all these months, really has decided to change things up since spilling his tea with News Corp.

    It’s with Ridler’s profile that attempts to instigate a “bidding war” amongst media were made, to get an exclusive interview. It appears that News Corp took the bait, interviewing whomever is controlling the Ridler profile–now changed over to ‘Shaun Rageone Davidson’–via Facebook messenger.

    Rageone Gone

    Rageone Gone

    Shaun Rageone Davidson Facebook profile

    Indonesian authorities have been saying they still believe Davidson is in Indonesia, a theory that ‘Davidson’ told News Corp he’s quite pleased with.

    “We are focusing the search in the border between Indonesia and East Timor,” Bali Police Chief Insp. Gen. Petrus Reinhard Golose said this week.

    But the purported Australian claims he’s not in the country.

    “Them still thinking I’m in Indonesia is the best thing for me so they can keep looking and thinking I’m there,” he said.

    “I’ll only be shot if I get caught inside Indonesia by Indonesian police and resist arrest none of those things will happen, I’m not in Indonesia so their (sic) police can’t and when if ever Interpol come knocking I’m not gonna resist I’ve never resisted arrest.”

    Davidson fled Bali just 10 weeks before he was due to be released from Kerobokan Prison. He would’ve been deported and sent back to Australia where he was facing drug charges.

    The Davidson account user claims he doesn’t have faith in Australia’s justice system to hand-down a “not guilty” verdict.

    “If I wasn’t going to be deported to face the awall (sic) system in Perth I would never have escaped and I’m sorry to the Indonesians for that.”

    Despite being the subject of an Interpol alert, ‘Davidson’ claims his location isn’t news and he just wants to get on with his life.

    “I’m not looking over my shoulder constantly where I am this isn’t even news,” he said.

    “I want to get on with my life This shouldn’t define who I am.”

    Davidson checked into Barbados yesterday, but didn’t show any photographic evidence of his being there. The profile has pulled the same trick with check-ins in other various locales like Dubai and Amsterdam, anyways.

    Pics or it didn’t happen? Not with this dude. ‘Davidson’ didn’t seem in any rush to use photos to try and prove his words true to News Corp, telling the media organization: “$$$$$ can make that happen. No one gets recent pics of me at the moment.”

    Living a much quieter life on the run, Malaysian drug smuggler Tee Kok King remains free after fleeing along with Davidson and two other prisoners, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov Iliev and Indian Sayed Mohammed Said, who were shortly recaptured in East Timor on June 21, then sent back to the jail.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/no-life-sin-bali-prison-fugitive-claims-retire-crime/

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