• GUNUNG AGUNG UPDATE: Rupture in the body of Mount Agung, There is Magma Indication Moving to Surface, But It Can Happen

    AMLAPURA – Gunung Agung begins to tear and cracks. This is because of frequent high-powered earthquakes. But how much fracture width can not be ascertained because as the measurement continues.

    Head of Mitigation Sub Field of Fire, PVMBG, KESDM, Devi Kemil said, from satellite images have seen a tear or fracture in the crater of Mount Agung. Visible this fracture along with the increased volcanic activity in the body of Mount Agung.

    “In the middle there is a small tear and there is smoke coming out of it, because the earthquake we feel so far, if the liquid lava has not come out,” said Devi Kemil, Thursday (28/09/2017) evening.

    The existence of the fracture, according to Devi shows the manifestation of magma movement that continues to the surface. In addition to crater fractures, satellite imagery also shows an increasingly hot image.

    Based on the observation since July 2017, the increase of image is increasingly significant in September 2017. The increase of heat image is also in line with the increasing of earthquake intensity both volcanic and tectonic.

    Based on the last observation the size of the hot image ranges in the area of ​​100-120 m².

    “Can not be sure but the range is 100 -120 meters on the northeast side,” Devi said. Although visible heat image but the movement of magma to the surface has not been seen.

    However, the existence of these two indications certainly shows the movement of magma to the surface. But whether later until the eruption or not, the Kemil has not dared to decide.

    Only, from some observations made using the tool, all leads to the eruption. “Everything we recorded indicates the same,” Devi explained. Although there are already indications of magma moving to the surface, but not yet certain whether magma will reach the surface.

    Because, according to Devi, there are some examples in the world that after the earthquakes are quite frequent, magma even run out and the eruption did not happen.

    “It’s also what we want, but our desire should be coupled with the worst-case scenario, we can expect the best but be prepared with the worst,” he said. (*)

    Selamat Pagi. Begini kondisi Gunung Agung pagi ini terlihat dari Pos Pengamatan Gunung Api Agung, Desa Rendang, Karangasem, Bali. Secara visual terlihat jelas.

    Posted by Tribun Bali on Thursday, September 28, 2017

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/09/29/robekan-di-tubuh-gunung-agung-ada-indikasi-magma-bergerak-ke-permukaan-tapi-ini-bisa-terjadi?page=all
    Translated by Aryputra Pandewww.baliintercontcargo.com

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