• Gardener arrested after stealing US$4,000 from Russian guest’s room at Jimbaran resort

    Jimbaran Bay. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    A Balinese man working as a gardener at the luxurious InterContinental Bali Resort in Jimbaran has been arrested after allegedly stealing US$4,000 from a Russian guest staying at the five-star hotel.

    The stolen money was reportedly in American dollar notes.

    I Made Latra, 48, was tracked down by South Kuta Police to his home in Sibang Gede Bali on Friday, the same day as the alleged theft.

    South Kuta Police Criminal Investigation Unit Insp. Andi Yaqin confirmed the arrest with Indonesian reporters.

    “The incident of theft occurred when the suspect was working to clean the garden near the victim’s room. When the victim was off guard, the suspect easily took the money belonging to the victim,” Yaqin said on Monday, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

    The Russian guest, identified in reports as bank manager Manaenkova Margaritha, 53, had left the room to go to breakfast when it happened. The money had been in a safety deposit box, which Latra somehow opened, according to reporting by the Bali Post

    After the money was reported missing, police interviewed witnesses who placed the gardener as having been working close to the Russian guest’s room that morning.

    “After conducting an investigation, we were lead to the perpetrator. Next, we moved to find the perpetrator at his home,” Yaqin said.

    The US$4,000 in cash was found at the scene, still in full and was confiscated as evidence, the police inspector added.

    During questioning, police say Latra admitted to taking the money, but police are still looking into the incident.

    “We are still developing the case,” Yaqin said.

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