• Expats deported from Bali for moonlighting as dive instructors, outside their work permits

    Singaraja Immigration in North Bali has deported two foreigners for moonlighting as dive instructors, outside the capacity of their work permits.

    The foreigners, identified as a 43-year-old Canadian man and a 29-year-old Danish woman, had Indonesian KITAS work permits, but for different jobs, which didn’t exactly involve teaching scuba. The Canadian had a KITAS in his role as president director of a tourist attraction, while the Danish woman had her permit to work as a sales marketing manager, according to head of Singaraja Class II Immigration office, Victor Manurung.

    “Foreigners working in Indonesia must be working in accordance with what is submitted to the manpower office, related to the job title. On their KITAS permits, it is listed as president director and sales marketing manager, but they were caught working as dive instructors. It’s a shame for local dive instructors who cannot get work,” Manurung said on Wednesday, as quoted by Sindo News.

    Because the two were found violating their KITAS terms, the work permits were immediately revoked and cancelled, said Manurung.

    The Singaraja Immigration office will continue to investigate if there are more similar cases of foreigners working in their jurisdiction, which includes Buleleng, Jembrana, and Karangasem, according to Manurung.

    “We are still investigating, but we will continue to monitor foreign nationals in the area,” he said.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/expats-deported-north-bali-moonlighting-dive-instructors-outside-work-permits/

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