• BNPB: Symptoms of Mount Agung Eruption Similar to the Great Eruption 54 Years Ago

    JAKARTA – Head of Data and Information Center of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho revealed that residents around Gunung Agung, Karangasem, Bali feel the eruption symptom is similar to the massive eruption 54 years ago, precisely in 1963.

    “Based on the experience of the 1963 eruption, they say what they feel today almost every day of the earthquake is almost similar to when in 1963, when Mount Agung has not erupted,” said Sutopo at BNPB office, Jakarta, Monday (25 / 9/2017).

    Therefore, people who live not far from the mountain area has increased its vigilance in order to avoid the same natural disaster.
    “So from the level of community preparedness increases,” said Sutopo.

    After the level of alertness of Mount Agung raised to alert, eruption activity of Mount Agung continues to rise. In fact, Sutopo said that Mount Agung was in critical phase. There was a small earthquake with an average frequency of 500 times a day.

    “Even if the alert level has been observed, Mount Agung is not necessarily erupting,” said Sutopo, when the Mount Agung volcano will surely do not know, “there is no instrument that can confirm when the volcano erupts. He also told, in the past 1963-1964 Mount Agung ever erupted almost a year old.

    The eruption height reaches 20 kilometers that spew sulfate water and soar into space. As a result of the eruption, approximately 1,549 people died, 1,700 homes were damaged and 225,000 lost their livelihoods, as well as 100,000 displaced. “The eruption is exclusive The temperature of the earth is dropped by the eruption of Mount Agung, the impact is very large and deadly,” he said.

    Prevent recurrence

    In order to prevent the same casualties, BNPB continues to evacuate residents living near disaster-prone areas (KRB), especially those already mapped 9-12 kilometers from Gunung Agung.

    Not only that, early warning systems and monitoring tools that use satellites are also used to minimize the same fall victim. (Kompas.com)

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/09/26/bnpb-gejala-erupsi-gunung-agung-mirip-saat-letusan-dahsyat-54-tahun-silam?page=all
    Translated by Aryputra Pande

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