• Bali’s Public Bus System in Decline?


    Long criticized for its lack of popularity among commuter in Bali, high cost, and inefficiency, major steps are underway to evaluate and reposition Bali’s Trans Sabargita Bus System.

    Jawapos.com reports that both the budget allocations for the system and the number of vehicles in operation are likely to be revamped early in 2018.

    Trans Sarbagita will reportedly park its fleet of 25 large 55-passenger buses, replacing these vehicles with 10 medium-sized 35-passenger buses.

    A provincial subsidy of Rp. 17 billion will be reduced to Rp. 6 billion.

    A full review of the Trans Sarbagita system will be done in early January 2018.

    The hours of operation for the Bali Bus system are also set to be changed. The system formerly operated from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm will now operate from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm.

    A Provincial transportation official said the fleet of 10 smaller, medium-sized buses have been delivered to Bali and  are nowready to commence service.

    5 of these buses will be dedicated to serving corridor II from Batu Bulan to Nusa Dua. The remaining 5 new buses will travel on corridor I between downtown Denpasar to the GWK monument. Corridor I will now terminate at the Udayana University campus.

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