• Bali Still Safe, Tourists Should Not Be Afraid ‘Trapped’ Because of Mount Agung Condition

    AMLAPURA – Minister of Tourism (Menpar), Arief Yahya, promised to continue to communicate with ambassadors (ambassadors) abroad to ensure Bali tourism is still safe even though the Great Mountain status Awas (Level IV).

    This is done to increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals (tourists) to Bali which fell quite drastically after the volcanic activity of Mount Agung continues to increase. Arief Yahya admitted that he met two ambassadors from India and Colombia.

    “I told them that Bali is safe to be visited by both domestic and foreign tourists,” said Minister of Tourism at Pura Penataran Agung Besakih, Rendang District, Karangasem, Bali, Thursday (5/10/2017). In the meeting, said Menpar, Ambassador India plans to create an International Film on the Island of the Gods.

    The number of artists who imported nearly 20 thousand people.
    This event is planned to be held in 2018 during low season.
    Yesterday, Arief Yahya visited Besakih Temple even though the biggest temple as well as tourist destinations are entering in disaster-prone areas (KRB) impact of Mount Agung eruption.

    Menpar accompanied by Vice Regent of Karangasem, I Wayan Artha Dipa, and Chairman of PHRI Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati aka Cok Ace.
    “My presence here (Besakih) wants to show that Bali remains safe to visit,” said Arief Yahya, who also dressed in Balinese traditional clothes with a white color for prayer.

    At the same time the ongoing series of Pujawali Purnama Kapat in Pura Besakih which was attended by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika and Regent Karangasem IGA Mas Sumatri.
    Besakih temple is located only nine kilometers from the summit of Mount Agung so that it entered the red zone set by the Center for Volcanology Mitigansi Geological Disaster (PVMBG) with a radius of 9-12 kilometers.

    “The atmosphere in Besakih is safe and comfortable. We expect tourists in Bali to feel comfortable and safe, “said Arief Yahya.
    According to him, tourist destinations on the island are still very ready to receive tourist visits.

    Except are several destinations in the area of ​​disaster prone areas (KRB).
    There are only two destinations that enter KRB namely Besakih and Tulamben Regions.
    The rest, there are still dozens of tourist attractions outside the red zone spread across districts / cities in Bali.

    Arief Yahya also appealed to tourists who are on the Island of the Gods remain calm.
    The government has prepared various options related to the worst condition if indeed Mount Agung erupted.

    Three options to be taken are related to access, accommodation, and attractions.
    For access, Kemenpar will immediately coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the evacuation of tourists to various areas around Bali such as Java and Lombok, as well as related to bus preparedness to anticipate Ngurah Rai International Airport closed total.

    “Access of both domestic and foreign tourists has been mapped if indeed the worst conditions occur (eruption),” he added.

    Related accommodation, as many as 300 buses ready to standby if it should be transferred to Praya Airport in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) or to Juanda in Surabaya, East Java.

    “What also needs to be considered is related to the attraction to the tourists if they can not get out of Bali in a certain period so that stay comfortable in Bali,” explained Arief.

    Arief revealed that disasters can happen anywhere. Including areas that have a tourist attraction.

    It should not be too worried and discussed for too long. However, how to handle and handle according to existing standards and procedures.

    He also asserted Kemenpar has set the standard of security to tourists in a natural disaster situation.
    Therefore there is nothing to worry about by tourists when “stuck” in Bali if Mount Agung erupted.

    Related to disaster management, Minister of Justice assessed that there is already preparedness of post-disaster recovery.
    Like the experience of the eruption of Mount Raung in the area of ​​Banyuwangi, East Java, which also had an impact on tourism in the region.

    “There (Banyuwangi) we have been applying post-disaster handling and has been running very well,” said Arief while explaining it can be applied to the case of Mount Agung.

    Tourists Visit Besakih

    Menpar does not dismiss there is a decrease in the number of tourist arrivals, mainly foreign tourists to Bali after the determination of Status Awar Mount Agung.
    Kemenpar recorded a decrease of about 100 thousand people or about 20 percent, of the total number of visits by foreign tourists every month to reach 500 thousand people every month.

    Cok Ace as Chairman PHRI Bali also expressed the same thing. Decrease almost 15-20 percent or about 70 thousand foreign tourists. Thousands of foreign tourists canceled a visit to Bali as well as canceled hotel reservations.

    The steps that will be done PHRI to re-increase the visit to Bali is to intensify communication with foreign ambassadors, such as direction Menpar.

    “The condition of tourism in Bali is still safe, and not influenced by the status of Gunung Agung.According to the data from the sky temple, foreign tourists who are back because of the status of the mountain is not there.In fact there are how many tourists visiting the tourist attraction in disaster prone areas such as to Besakih this,” he said .

    Monitoring Tribune Bali yesterday, there are still some tourists from Russia and China had visited Pura Besakih.
    But they are not allowed to enter by officers because Besakih area in disaster-prone (KRB).

    The Vice Regent of Karangasem I Wayan Artha Dipa explained that only Besakih and Tulamben Regencies are included in the KRB area and so far have contributed significantly to tourism in the district.
    Beyond that, he said, existing tourist destinations are still ready to receive tourist visits both domestic and foreign.

    “Besakih has contributed greatly to the total number of tourist visits, but we still have many other attractions that are still safe to visit,” Artha said.

    Separately, Chairman of the Bali Hotel Association (BHA), Ricky Putra, confirmed some tourists still enjoy the holiday in Bali.

    “They (tourists) are still convinced many areas in Bali that can be visited in Bali. In essence all GM and Bina member hotel sales managers continue to convince guests to stay coming and holiday in Bali. In line with the government’s plea that Bali is still safe, “he said. (*)

    Sources: http://bali.tribunnews.com/2017/10/06/bali-masih-aman-wisatawan-tak-perlu-takut-terjebak-karena-kondisi-gunung-agung?page=all
    Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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