• Bali deputy governor distributes goats for sacrifice at mosques for Idul Adha: A message of tolerance and good PR ahead of gubernatorial race

    Bali’s deputy governor, Ketut Sudikerta has been helping Muslims on the island get ready to celebrate the approaching sacrifice holiday, Idul Adha.

    The Golkar party politician has been distributing meat to the “less fortunate” as a sign of religious tolerance in Bali, which is predominately Hindu but still has other religious minorities, like Islam and Christianity present.

    Sudikerta said on Wednesday that goats will be distributed to mosques of each city and regency in Bali.

    The gubernatorial candidate says the gesture is a demonstration of respect for Bali’s different religions and that although most of Bali is Hindu, Muslims can still freely worship and get along with everyone.

    “It’s all because, we, here, respect each other and the diversity in Bali, which unites us,” Sudikerta said, as quoted by Okezone.

    While we definitely appreciate the display of tolerance, let’s not forget that Sudikerta’s got to work the crowd before next year’s gubernatorial race heats up.

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/bali-deputy-governor-distributes-goats-sacrifice-mosques-idul-adha-message-tolerance-good-pr-ahead-gubernatorial-race/

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