• Australian proposes on Bali flight with ‘Happy Birthday’ fake-out and a little help from Jetstar crew (VIDEO)

    An Australian couple gets engaged aboard a Jetstar flight to Bali. Photo: Facebook/Mark Wadson

    Not all noteworthy stories involving flights in and out of Bali are plane-stopping incidents.

    An Australian man proposed to his girlfriend aboard a flight to Bali, where they had plans to ring in the new year.

    Mark Wadson, 30, got a little help from Jetstar crew with the inflight question popping. Flight attendants called up his girlfriend Miranda Naprelac, 22, to the front of the plane, saying they wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

    But as she came up towards the cockpit, Wadson popped out of the bathroom and took the mic over from the crew, and got down on one knee.

    The whole thing was captured on video and then posted to Wadson’s Facebook page on Dec. 29, where it has since gotten over 1,500 views.

    “Me and the flight attendants organized that I would go to the bathroom and they would call her to the front and sing her happy birthday,” Wadson said, as quoted by Caters News.

    “They then asked her who she was travelling with and I would appear from the bathroom and proceed with asking Miranda to marry me.

    “She was so shocked but we’ve both been happier than ever since it all happened.

    “We always knew our connection was something more than anything we had felt before and we firmly believe that this was and is the true definition of soul mates.

    “We are so happy to have the opportunity to share our love and story.”

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/australian-couple-gets-engaged-bali-flight-little-help-jetstar-crew-video/
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