• A Congested Volcano

    Scientist Say Deposit of Magma is, at Least Temporarily, Unable to Penetrate the Floor of Mt. Agung’s Crater


    After a full week of being under a “Level IV – Awas” alert, Bali’s Mount Agung has yet to erupt, despite numerous warnings that an eruption is imminent.

    Over the past few months scientists have tracked the movement of magma from a depth of 100 kilometers below the crater’s surface to current estimates of only 1-5 kilometers.

    RadarBali.com reports that on Thursday, September 28, 2017, volcanic earth tremors are extremely high, measuring 500 deep medium to deep tremors over the preceding 24 hours.

    That the volcano is not erupting has caused scientists to theorize that the extremely hot magma is at a temporary impasse, unable to penetrate the thick base of the crater that has hardened since the major eruption in 1963.

    The head of the Bali Volcanic Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG), Gede Suantika said: “The covering layer sealing Mount Agung is very strong. Perhaps the energy behind the magma is unable to open a channel for the magma that will penetrate the bottom of the crater that has hardened over 54 years.”

    It is this uncertainty that has placed Mount Agung at a critical phase with the magma thought to be now only be 5 kilometers below the surface.

    Suantika cautioned that the behavior of Mount Agung in the 1963 eruption cannot reliably be used to predict what will happen with the current volcanic alert. Officials point out that the 1963 eruption occurred after a week of earth tremors. In the current situation, there has been no eruption after a week of local earthquakes. Whether or not the mountain will actually explode, is still beyond the forecasting abilities of the volcanic experts.

    Suantika said that in the current situation the best course of action is to maintain a high-level of caution, anticipating and preparing for the worst possible eventuality from Mt. Agung.

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