• Why Is Ocean Freight More Advantageous Than Air Freight?

    The two major ways of transporting cargo overseas is air freight and ocean fright. Due to rapid globalization and advancement of technology, businesses have got much more opportunities to expand as well as explore their network of consumers and suppliers. Unlike earlier, the transactions in the global market have become much easier due to the presence of advanced communication tools. International shipping has become a part and parcel of every business. The surge in demand of international shipping has forced the shipping companies to continuously evolve so as to provide the best services to the clients. Before the various other shipping options came into existence, all complies relied solely on ocean freight as a means to transport freight to various overseas locations. This is a tried and tested method of transportation and the practices that various shipping companies have been following since long have successfully overcome all the challenges faced in shipping. Ocean fright is a much more popular option than sea freight due to the following reasons:

    Armada transportationsCost-Effective

    Most of the companies opt for air freight services only when they are transporting perishable goods freight that is time sensitive. If the delivery time isn’t a cause of concern for the client, then he or she must opt for ocean freight as it is much more economical than air freight. As the ocean freight rates are much lesser as compared to air, businesses can easily send more quantities in the same amount. Also, ocean freight can easily accommodate goods of different sizes as well as shapes, which includes vehicle, heavy machinery and tools etc. that cannot be transported through air.


    Ocean freight services are combined with the truck deliveries to transport the good to their ultimate location. Majority of the international shipping services provide inter-modal containers so as to ensure that the shipment is not tampered with during the transportation.

    Environment Friendly

    Apart from being highly practical and economical way of transporting goods, ocean freight is also an environmentally friendly option. It leaves much smaller carbon footprint on environment as the modern cargo ship engines leaves lesser emissions.

    Even though ocean freight has got a few limitations as far as transport of freight is concerned, it is still the most popular choice. You must devote some time and effort to find the best shipping service in order to save money. Apart from the cost you should also pay attention to the reputation, customer support and experience of the company that you are opting for.

    You must gain proper information about ocean freight as it is still a preferred mode for transportation of goods.

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    Posted by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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