• What Is the Average Cost for an International Air Freight?

    For those of you traveling overseas, choosing air freight to ship your belongings can save a lot of time and energy. This is a preferred method of shipping as it’s cost-effective and belongings generally arrive at your new location within a few days.

    Cost Compared to Ocean Freight

    Air freight is a bit pricier than ocean freight but offers many benefits including speedy delivery, intense security of packages, flexibility, and a cheaper insurance premium. It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of your shipment since the price is dependent upon weight, volume and destination of your packages.

    When taking advantage of ocean freight services, you are charged only by the volume that your goods occupy. However, larger items are generally shipped overseas, thus taking up more space and costing more money. Along with this, when shipping larger items they are less likely to fit in a crate and a custom crate will need to be built. Custom crates come at an additional cost and boost up the price.

    Additional Costs When Using Air Freight

    Some companies will provide you with a quote based on weight, but fail to mention additional costs. Make sure you speak with a customer service representative if you notice fees that were not previously discussed. On occasion, an international moving company will charge fuel which is based on price for kg of actual weight. Security measures will come at an addition cost as well, charged per kg of actual weight.

    Local charges should be calculated into your delivery process such as customs clearance, pick-up, handling, and screening. This pricing should also be discussed with your freight carrier before moving forward. Once you accept the price, a commercial invoice will have to be sent out to the company of your choosing.

    Why Use Air Freight Shipping?

    Whether you’re packing your entire household, studying abroad for a semester or taking a short trip, air freight is the most common mode of transportation. When using ocean freight, the ship will often make multiple stops which will delay the arrival time of your belongings. Air freight is a straight flight to your destination and is ultimately more reliable.

    Ships can go through a number of delays from sinking, pirating, and horrendous weather. If an issue occurs, this will significantly delay the time you receive your goods. Climatic weather is something to consider not only because it will slow down the process of receiving goods, but items are more likely to be damaged if something happens to the ship.

    Air freight is also more reliable due to accessibility of airports. Although there is the possibility of engine failure, this is extremely unlikely. Since airports are located inland, they are easier to access rather than heading to the nearest port.

    When choosing air freight, take into consideration every aspect of this shipping process. Be advised that there may be additional fees and paperwork that can take up a bit of time to complete. Always select an international mover that has years of experience in air freight shipping so you can have a stress-free move.

    Sources: Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8407968
    Translated by Aryputra Pande

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