• Goods Export Declaration Document (PEB)

    Export Declaration of GoodsExport Declaration of Goods (PEB) is a document that must be made by the exporter when going to export goods, it is based on Regulation of the Minister of Finance no. 155 / PMK.04 / 2008 concerning Customs Notices. The philosophy of this document is that any goods left or entered from or into the territory of the Indonesian republic shall be notified to the state in this case “represented” by Customs.

    Basically this document must be made by the exporter but in practice many exporters submit the manufacture of this Export Declaration of Goods (PEB) to the Customs Service Management Company (PPJK). In the past before the Internet era strengthened, Export Notice made manually using a typewriter, it is very ineffective and efficient because in addition to providing opportunities the number of illegal fees also takes a relatively long time.

    Currently the manufacture of Goods Export Declaration (PEB) documents is already using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, which uses computer network (internet) so that it can cut cost, time, and bureaucracy. And for future development plans the export customs notification system will use tools that are “based on web” so it is more practical and cheaper because it can be accessed from anywhere without using special software that is quite expensive. In addition to the support of customs system there is also a portal of Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) which presents an integrated import export information system.

    The presence of INSW is very beneficial for all parties in the import export because it presents an integrated information system. For long-term plans, INSW will be integrated with similar systems in ASEAN countries so that it will become ASEAN Single Window.

    Sources: http://blog.eksporimpor.com
    Translated by Aryaputra Pande

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    • Nicole says:

      Is PEB exempted if the shipment is via FedEx or any courier? Or is it required in all shipments regarless of the ship mode?

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