• Factors That Determine Sea Freight Rates

    When about to transport goods by water mostly sea freight, what definitely comes first into your mind is what the sea freight rates would be for the services. This knowledge is important considering the inconveniences that may arise when they are not put into serious consideration. When you have goods or products of any kind that you are wishing to transport, it is a good thing that you are aware of the general factors that determine the charges that your shipping company uses to determine what clients pay for their services.

    The weight of the goods or products that you intent to transport is a chief determinant of the rates that you are bound to pay for the shipping. Most companies have online guide which gives a rough estimate of the possible sea freight rates that you are expected to pay for a specific weight. The more the weight of your goods the higher the corresponding rates. This is majorly because ships are supposed to ferry goods of a certain weight and if they exceed it can be dangerous. When your goods take most of the weight in the ship it is definite that you are going to pay more since the ship is majorly transporting your goods.

    The size of the cargo whether it is of palletized goods or not determines the sea freight rates that you are bound to pay for your goods. The bigger the cargo the higher the sea freight rates. Some shipping companies measure this size by the use of the standardized pallets of either 80cmx120cm or 100cmx 120cm. these are the maximum sizes that most shipping companies expect the cargo to measure. If your cargo exceed this size, what the do is that the subdivide it and you are expected to pay for two separate cargoes.

    The distance that your goods or products will have to cover before reaching the target destination is a determinant of what the sea freight rates are going to be. Most shipping companies charge more for goods that are to be delivered in short distances as compared to those that are to be delivered long distances. This is because after offloading the cargo along the way the ships are forced to go the remaining bits of the journey without other goods.

    Most shipping companies have special sea freight rates depending on the nature of the goods that are being transported. This is because some goods require special conditions such as controlled temperatures during transportation. These goods have higher transportation rates compared to others that do not need the special conditions. Goods such as perishables and fragile goods have higher sea freight rates than other durable goods such as furniture and motor vehicles. This is majorly because in order to maintain the special conditions throughout the journey, special facilities are used such as refrigerators. In order to maintain these facilities a lot of costs are incurred which most companies reflect on their sea freight rates.

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